Best Solar Generators for Apartments

10 Best Solar Generators for Apartments and Condos

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In the time of this tough competition, it has become extremely difficult to find the best solar generators for apartments and condos. What should be considered is the fact that it should be a perfect fit and power almost all the appliances that are present in your home. These appliances may include fans, lights, a refrigerator, charging devices, and possibly a small television or computer.

A valid question arises here, What is the ideal size of the power station that should be bought to power all the necessary appliances in your apartment? It should not fall off the power the whole night and neither its inverter capacity. The answer to this question is that a 2000 Watts solar generator is the perfect size that empowers almost all the appliances that an apartment has.

Selecting a range between 1500 watts to 2000 watts is the reason that not only it should look perfect in your apartment but providing the necessary solar power should also be feasible. Read the Solar Generators for Apartments Buying Guide to select the perfect one and do not miss any of the features. Here is a chart that will help you find out which appliance uses what wattages at its peak and at running

Appliances Power Consumption

ApplianceStarting Wattage (Peak)Normal Wattage (Running)
Incandescent Light60 – 100 watts60 watts
LED Light8 – 15 watts8 watts
Compact Fluorescent15 – 30 watts15 watts
Ceiling Fan120 – 150 watts20 – 75 watts
Window AC (5,000 BTU)800 – 1000 watts400 – 600 watts
Refrigerator (top freezer)800 – 1200 watts100 – 800 watts
Microwave Oven600 – 1200 watts600 – 1000 watts
Toaster800 – 1500 watts800 – 1200 watts
Coffee Maker800 – 1200 watts800 – 1000 watts
Laptop50 – 100 watts20 – 80 watts
Television (LCD/LED)80 – 150 watts30 – 100 watts

Pick a Perfect Fit

Given the power consumption of the appliances that are used daily, now you can easily figure down what solar generator or power station you need for your apartment. It’s a tough decision to pick the perfect and the right fit that may power all your devices. To learn about more appliances, give a visit to Generatorist.

Additionally, what factors are more important are the built quality, battery life-cycles, onboard features, warranty, and effective customer service support. Don’t worry, I have covered all these questions and pilled a list of the top 10 best solar-powered generators for your apartment that will power almost all your devices and last for a long time to come.

Here is the list, pick up with confidence as these are the best solar generators for apartments out there in the market. Discover the perfect generator for apartments that suits your power needs. Our selection offers versatile solutions to keep your space powered, no matter the situation.

List of Best Solar Generators for Apartments

  1. Bluetti AC180
  2. EcoFlow Delta 2
  3. Goal Zero 1500X
  4. Jackery 2000 Pro
  5. Anker 757
  6. Westinghouse iGen 1000s
  7. Geneverse 2000W
  8. Zendure SuperBase V
  9. Renogy 1500W
  10. BougeRV Fort 1500

1. Bluetti AC180

Looking for a reliable generator for your condo? Explore our range of compact and efficient options tailored to condo living. Bluetti AC180 is a new edition to the family. It’s comparatively an improved and more efficient model in the line. Bluetti is the number 1 power station and solar generator manufacturer that have. Check out the Bluetti vs. EcoFlow comparison to find out every specification that you need to know about these top-notch power stations for all their models.

With its solar-powered capability and impressive 500W max solar input, you can harness the sun’s energy to stay connected even in remote locations with this one of the best solar generators for apartments. Weighing 37.4 pounds, it’s portable enough for on-the-go convenience. Delivering 1800 watts of output and equipped with a substantial 1152Wh battery capacity as well as 2700 watts of peak surge, the AC180 provides ample energy to keep your essential appliances running. Its unique Silent Mode ensures a quiet operation in a peaceful environment.

Peak Surge2700 watts
Power SourceSolar Powered
Weight37.4 Pounds
Voltage120 Volts (AC)
Output Wattage1800 Watts
Special FeatureWhisper-Quiet Operation
Included ComponentsAdvanced LiFePO4 Battery
Recharge Speed0-80% in 45 minutes
Mobile AppSmart Control via Mobile App
WarrantyExtended 5-year Warranty
Max Solar InputUp to 500 watts
Battery CapacityImpressive 1152 Wh
Expandable OptionExpand Your Battery Capacity
DimensionsCompact: 13.39″L x 9.72″W x 12.48″H

2. EcoFlow Delta 2

Select a solar power generator for apartment living to experience exceptional power and versatility with the EF ECOFLOW Delta 2. Discover the best generators for apartments here. This robust portable power solution packs a punch with its 1024-watt-hour capacity, ensuring you stay charged during your camping escapades. Weighing just 27 pounds, it’s lightweight and travel-friendly.

Explore compact small generator for apartments the Delta 2 harnesses solar power, making it perfect for off-grid adventures while helping you reduce your environmental footprint. Its impressive 1800 Watts output and unique features like plug-and-play home backup, expandable capacity, and x-boost technology for devices up to 2200 watts ensure you’re well-prepared for any situation. With a rapid x-stream recharge from 0-80% in 50 minutes and a quick recharge within 3 hours, it’s ready when you are.

Control every aspect of the app, from adjusting settings to monitoring usage. Included components like various cables and a 5-year customer service assurance complete this exceptional package, making the Delta 2 your reliable companion for camping and beyond. Read my comparison of EcoFlow vs. Jackery to find out that more variants could fit best in your needs.

Battery Capacity1024 Watt-hours
Power SourceHarness Solar Power
WeightLightweight at 27 Pounds
VoltageOperating at 120 Volts
Output PowerProvides 1800 Watts
Included AccessoriesDC5521 to DC5525 Cable, User Manual, 5-Year Customer Service, App Quick Start Guide, DELTA2 Power Station, AC Charging Cable, Car Charging Cable
x-stream Recharge SpeedRecharge 0-80% within 50 minutes
Battery Management SystemIntegrated for Efficiency
Quick Recharge TimeSwift Recharge in Under 3 Hours
App ControlManage via Dedicated App
x-boostBoosts Devices up to 2200 Watts
DimensionsCompact: 15.7″L x 11.1″W x 8.3″H

3. Goal Zero 1500X

Generators for apartments offer efficient backup power solutions. Discover unparalleled power with the Goal Zero 1500x solar generator, a pinnacle of energy innovation by Goal Zero. Boasting an impressive 1500 watts of wattage and powered by a robust lithium-ion battery, this generator is designed to elevate your energy game.

Enhance your living space with generators for condominiums, ensuring continuous power. Its 12-volt voltage and remarkable 2000 watts of output wattage ensure you can fuel various devices with ease. Stay prepared with generators for condos, providing reliable energy support. Crafted with anodized aluminum, it’s both durable and sleek, making it a reliable companion for all your energy needs.

Its standout feature includes mobile app control, granting you effortless management of your power consumption and making it one of the best solar generators for apartments. Aptly named the Goal Zero Power Station Yeti 1500X, this generator embodies excellence in energy solutions. My comparison of Goal Zero vs. Jackery can help you find out the best variant that will fulfill all your power needs. Do check that out.

Max WattageRobust 1500 watts
Power SourceFueled Solar Power
Voltage12 Volts of Power
Output WattageCommanding 2000 Watts
Built MaterialSolid Anodized Aluminium Construction
Mobile App IntegrationSeamlessly Controlled through a Mobile App
Battery TypePowered by Lithium Ion
Compact DimensionsSize: 15.25 x 10.23 x 9.86 inches

4. Jackery 2000 Pro

Embark on a journey of power and convenience with the exceptional offerings from Jackery. Unleash 2000 watts of energy prowess as this generator operates on innovative non-gasoline fuel, championing sustainability. Secure an apartment solar kit to illuminate your living space with eco-friendly power. Weighing in at 43 pounds, its portability becomes your partner in adventure.

Thriving at 120 volts and producing an output of 2000 watts, sets the stage for unwavering performance. Jackery 2000 Pro is the best generator for apartment convenience, tailored to meet your power backup needs. What sets it apart is its dual identity of being both electrically driven and effortlessly portable.

Notably, the package includes a solar panel, elevating its energy-maximizing potential. Compact dimensions ensure it’s ready to accompany you on your journey, wherever it may lead. Harness solar power for condos, ensuring eco-friendly and reliable energy sources.

Max WattagePowerful Output: 2000 watts
Power SourceVersatile: Solar and Battery Powered
WeightSturdy and Manageable at 43 Pounds
VoltageOperates at 120 Volts
Output WattageRobust Output of 2200 Watts
Special FeatureDistinct: Electric and Portability
Battery CapacitySubstantial Capacity: 2160 Wh
Output PortsMultiple: 8 Output Ports
AC OutputAC Power: 3x 120V, 60Hz, 18.3A Max, 2200W (4400W Peak)
Quick Charging USB-AFast Charging: Quick Charge 3.0, 18W Max
USB-C OutputUSB-C Power: 100W Max
Car OutputCar-Power: 12V⎓10A
AC InputEfficient Input: 120V, 60Hz, 15A Max
Battery TypeReliable Battery: Lithium
Built-in FlashlightSafety: SOS LED Flashlight
Compact DimensionsPortable Design: 15.1″L x 10.6″W x 12.1″H

5. Anker SOLIX F1200 Power-House 757

Unleash the pinnacle of power with the best solar battery generator at your disposal. Meet the Anker SOLIX F1200 Power House 757, an innovation powerhouse by Anker. With 1500 watts of electric power, it’s your reliable energy source.

Solar-powered for eco-consciousness, it weighs 43.9 pounds—portable and ready for any adventure. Discover the best solar battery generator for your needs. Operating at 120 volts with 1500 watts output, it meets your power needs.

Equipped with a 1229 Wh LiFePO4 battery, enduring over 3000 cycles. Max 300 watts solar charge, 10-year lifespan, and rapid 0-80% recharge in 1 hour ensure sustainability. Boasting 13 versatile outlets, it empowers your devices. Incorporate a robust generator for apartment buildings to ensure an uninterrupted power supply to be one of the best solar generators for apartments. It’s not just a generator; it’s 3000+ cycles of performance, 10 years of longevity, and 1500 watts of power packed in one. To find out more details of all the specifications, please read the comparison of Goal Zero vs. Anker. It will provide you with information about the variants available and their detailed specifications.

Wattage1500 watts
Power SourceSolar Powered
Weight43.9 Pounds
VoltageOperating at 120 Volts
Output WattageDelivering 1500 Watts
Battery Capacity1229 Wh LiFePO4
Battery Life CyclesImpressive Over 3000+
Solar Charge MaxPeaks at 300 Watts
LifespanExtended 10-Year Span
Rapid Recharge0-80% Capacity in 1 Hour
OutletsDiverse: 13 Outlets
DimensionsMeasures 18.22″L x 9.34″W x 11.34″H

6. Westinghouse iGen 1000s

Secure a reliable backup generator for apartment living to ensure an uninterrupted power supply. Unleash potent energy with Westinghouse iGen 1000s, a creation by Westinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment. Discover the best solar-powered generator for an eco-friendly energy solution. Delivering 3000 watts of power, this battery-operated dynamo redefines energy efficiency.

Weighing just 31.1 pounds, portability is seamless. Operating at 120 volts, and outputting 3000 watts, it suits diverse energy needs. Safety is paramount, with overload protection, short circuit protection, and automatic voltage regulation. The package includes a wall charger, car charger, solar charge cable, and manual. Elevate your apartment’s energy resilience with an efficient battery backup system. The distinctive 1008Wh lithium-ion hue sets it apart. Embrace innovation, power, and portability with the iGen 1000s.

Effective WattageOutputting Running Wattage of 1500 Watts
Max WattageA Robust 3000 watts (Peak Surge)
Power SourceSolar and Battery Powered
WeightLightweight at 31.1 Pounds
VoltageOperating at 120 Volts
Output Capacity3000 Watts of Output Power
Safety HighlightsSafeguarded with Overload, Short Circuit Protection, and Automatic Voltage Regulation
Components InclusionComplete Set: Wall Charger, Car Charger, Solar Charge Cable, and Manual
Battery ChemistryNotable in 1008Wh Lithium-ion Battery
Compact DimensionsCompact Design: 12.4″L x 8″W x 12.3″H
Multiple Power OutletsProviding a Total of 13 Power Outlets

7. Geneverse 2 (2000 Watts)

Ensure continuous power with efficient apartment generators tailored to your needs. Unveil exceptional power with the Geneverse Solar Generator 2000W—a pinnacle creation from Geneverse. Packed with a formidable 2419-watt-hours LiFePO4 battery, it ensures robust energy storage. Transform your condo into a solar-powered haven.

Operating as both battery-powered and solar-powered, it offers versatile energy solutions. At 59 pounds, it combines portability with potency. Operating at 120 Volts AC, it surges to 4400 Watts and maintains a reliable 2200 Watts output.

Experience convenience with a small solar generator, perfect for various applications with this one of the best solar generators for apartments. Boasting features like portability, whisper-quiet operation, LED light, digital display, and 7 outlets, including 3 120V AC outlets, it caters to diverse energy needs. Complete with a built-in pure sine wave inverter, the Geneverse Solar Generator 2000W stands as your all-encompassing power solution.

Battery CapacityAmple 2419 Watt-hours from LiFePO4 Composition
Power SourceVersatile: Battery Powered and Solar Powered
WeightA Sturdy Build at 59 Pounds
VoltageOperating at 120 Volts AC
Peak Surge WattageSurging to 4400 Watts
Regular Wattage OutputSteady 2200 Watts
DimensionsCompact Yet Powerful: 18.43″L x 11.02″W x 14.19″H

8. Zendure SuperBase V

Secure a portable generator for apartment living and ensure continuous power backup. Meet the Zendure SuperBase V Solar Generator, a formidable energy companion. With a substantial 3800 watts of wattage, this electric powerhouse offers a clean energy solution.

Consider an electric generator for apartment residences to stay powered during outages. Its versatility shines through, operating on both battery and solar power sources. Despite its robust performance, it retains a level of portability, weighing in at 127 pounds.

This one of the best solar generators for apartments ensures the smooth functioning of all the electrical appliances. Running at 240 Volts AC, it continuously delivers 3800 watts of reliable power. The integration of a 4.6KWh Lithium-ion battery enhances its energy storage capability. Experience not just a generator but a dependable source of power with the Zendure SuperBase V as it is the best solar-powered generator out there in the market.

WattageAn Impressive 3800 watts of Power
Power SourceEquipped for Both Battery and Solar Power
WeightSturdily Built at 127 Pounds
VoltageOperating at a Reliable 240 Volts AC
DimensionsCompact and Practical: 28.74″L x 13.62″W x 17.4″H
Battery Cell TypePowered by Lithium-Ion Technology
Mobile App ControlSeamlessly Managed through a Mobile App
Expandable BatteryYes

9. Renogy 1500W

Looking for a reliable power generator for apartments? We’ve got you covered. Power generators for apartments are essential for ensuring uninterrupted energy supply during outages and emergencies. The Renogy 1500W Solar Generator offers a transformative energy solution that combines innovation and dependability.

Featuring 1000 watts of power and a 1000Wh LiFePO4 battery, it ensures substantial energy storage. Consider a versatile generator for apartment use and enjoy seamless power backup. Notably, it incorporates iStack Technology and iBoost Technology for enhanced energy efficiency. With 12 power outlets, it provides versatile connectivity for multiple devices.

Take control through mobile management, and enjoy the flexibility of solar and battery power sources with this one of the best solar generators for apartments. The compact design of the Renogy 1500W Solar Generator redefines energy independence.

Batter Wattage1000Wh
Regular Wattages1500W
Power SourceSolar Powered, Battery Powered
Product DimensionsCompact Design: 15.82″L x 17.68″W x 23.71″H
Power Output12
Life Span10 Years
Mobile AppApp Control Available
Recharging WaysMultiple Recharging Options: 3

10. BougeRV Fort 1500

BougeRV is doing some great work in the industry capturing solar power and fulfilling the needs of a wide range of people not connected to the grid on this planet earth. For compact living spaces, a small apartment generator is an invaluable solution to tackle power outages.

Boasting 2200 watts of power, this one of the best solar generators for apartments is designed to cater to your energy needs on your outdoor escapades. With a compact item weight of 39.7 pounds, it effortlessly accompanies you on your adventures. Portable generators for apartments offer flexibility and convenience in emergencies. Its 2200-watt output provides ample energy for various devices.

The generator is fortified with a robust battery capacity of 1456Wh LiFePO4, ensuring extended usage. Leveraging a rapid 400W solar charging capability, it ensures swift power restoration. The Secure BMS system guarantees safe and reliable operation, making BougeRV an ideal choice for adventurers seeking dependable power on the go. Unlock the potential of eco-friendly living with top solar power generators, revolutionizing the way you harness energy for your space.

Wattage2200 watts
Power SourceSolar Powered
Item WeightLightweight at 39.7 Pounds
Battery Capacity1456Wh LiFePO4
Fast Solar ChargingRapid 400W Charging
Secure SystemBattery Management System
VoltageOperating at 230 Volts
Product DimensionsCompact Size: 12.59″L x 9″W x 13.4″H
Running WattageProvides 1200 Watts of Continuous Power


After a lot of online research and searching down all the pages of different suppliers, I decided that all these electronics solar generators and power station companies listed above are doing their best to provide their users with satisfaction and perfection. However, what defines durability, reliability, and feasibility is the factor of budget.

Go with the option of Top 3 picks and you will never regret your decision unless you use the generator in consonance with the user manual and follow the guidelines.
To sum up, the exploration of solar generators highlights their versatility in meeting power requirements for different settings. From compact living spaces to outdoor activities, these generators offer eco-friendly and reliable energy solutions. The features like rapid solar charging and advanced battery management enhance their practicality.

As the world embraces sustainability, solar generators play a pivotal role in transitioning to greener energy sources. This research underscores their potential to reshape power usage across diverse environments. You can also check out my collection list of Solar Generators Made in the USA that are 100% designed and built locally to ensure reliability, quality, and value for money.


What size solar generator do I need?

For apartment use, consider a solar generator with a capacity between 1000 to 2000 watts, depending on your power needs and the appliances you intend to run. It’s essential to calculate your daily energy consumption to determine the appropriate size.

Are solar generators worth the money?

Yes, solar generators can be worth the investment for apartments. They offer a reliable and eco-friendly backup power source, reducing electricity bills and providing peace of mind during outages. The initial cost can be offset by long-term savings and the environmental benefits they offer.

What is the best solar-powered generator for home use?

The best solar-powered generator for home use in an apartment setting would typically be one that offers a balance between power output, battery capacity, and portability. Models like the “BougeRV 2200W” or “Renogy 1500W” could be suitable options, providing ample power for essential appliances while remaining compact enough for apartment living. It’s essential to consider your specific power needs and available space before making a decision.

Are solar generators noisy?

Solar generators are generally quieter than traditional gasoline or diesel generators. They produce minimal noise, making them suitable for apartment environments where noise levels are a concern. However, it’s advisable to check the manufacturer’s specifications and user reviews to ensure that the specific model you’re considering meets your noise tolerance requirements.

How many solar panels to power an apartment?

When considering a solar generator with a power output ranging from 1500W to 2000W, it’s advisable to match it with a solar input capacity of at least 200W to 600W. This balance ensures efficient recharging and utilization of the generator’s capacity.

However, it’s crucial to carefully review the specifications of each solar generator you’re interested in to ensure compatibility between the generator’s output and the solar input capabilities. Checking the manufacturer’s guidelines and specifications will guarantee optimal performance and the best results for your specific energy needs.

What to look for when buying a solar generator?

When selecting a solar generator for an apartment, focus on the wattage output to match your power needs, battery capacity for the desired duration, portability, power outlets, and solar input capacity for efficient recharging. Ensure to review specifications and user feedback to make an informed choice.





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