Bluetti VS Ecoflow Complete Range Comparison

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BLUETTI VS EcoFlow is the comparison between two giants of solar generators. Both companies make state-of-the-art solar generators. That includes the most advanced technology and all the features that are considered standard in a solar generator. 

What is included in a solar generator that is equipped with state-of-the-art technology are a few standard features. These features come as standard in all reliable solar generators. If you are paying a price for, get a dependable solar generator then these standard features are a must to get value for money. Here are these standard features

  1. Battery Management System (BMS)
  2. LiFePO4 Batteries
  3. MPPT
  4. Pure Sine Wave
  5. Mobile Connectivity

Now you know what is mandatory in the best solar generator and what are its standard features. So let dive into the BLUETTI VS EcoFlow comparison to know more.

Here on this one page, you can compare completely both the giant brands and pick up one best to make your camping experience more joyful or keep your home powered up. Let’s dive into each series one by one.

Table Content

  1. BLUETTI Overview
  2. EF EcoFlow Overview
  3. BLUETTI vs EcoFlow Individual Comparison 1 vs 1
  4. 6-Major Differences BLUETTI vs EcoFlow
  5. Buying Guide
  6. FAQs

BLUETTI Overview

BLUETTI manufactures solar generators ranging from 600 Watts to 10000 Watts at peak surge. They are one of the best solar generator manufacturers that can cater to all your needs while you are camping and at home. Compact size and strong build make them the perfect companion for all your power requirements. They have a complete range of solar generators for appliances that are used at camping and heavy appliances at home. BLUETTI Solar generators and power stations are built keeping in view to meet all the European and American built standards. Resultantly, these products last longer and prove to be a true long durable power companion. 

The company has been reviewed and recommended by the most popular media outlets like New York Post, Toms Guide, Forbes, CNET, TechRadar, and TechPower. These reviews make BLUETTI a reliable power partner in your blackout times. Check out their official Store to find out complete details. BLUETTI uses the latest technology that we have always asserted in our review and buying guides.

NOTE: All the BLUETTI power stations are equipped with all the latest protective, fast charging, and stable current features. These features are BMS, MPPT, Pure Sine Wave, LiFePO4 batteries, Wireless Charging, and Mobile Application Control. There is no need to dive into and compare what is standard and common in all the variants of BLUETTI solar generators. Instead, we will focus on the difference in their basic features to make the comparison easy to understand and helpful. Here we have the list of BLUETTI solar generators to make it convenient for you to compare and pick up the best one.

BLUETTI Solar Generators Specs

NameWattsPeak SurgeBattery WattagesBMSMPPTBatteryPure Sine WaveBattery LifeWireless ChargingMOBILE APPWarranty
BLUETTI AC20100W200W200WhLithium-Polymer1000+1 Year
BLUETTI AC50S300w600W500WhLithium-ion1000+1x10W2 Years
BLUETTI EB3A600W1200w268WhLiFePO42500+1x15W2 Years
BLUETTI EB55700W1400W537WhLiFePO42500+1x15W2 Years
BLUETTI EB70S800W1400W716WhLiFePO42500+1x15W2 Years
BLUETTI EB2401000W1500W2400WhLithium-Ion2500+2 Years
BLUETTI EB1201000w1500w1200WLiFePO42500+2 Years
BLUETTI EB1501000W1200W1500WhLiFePO42500+2 Years
BLUETTI AC200P2000W4800W2000WhLiFePO43500+2x15W2 Years
BLUETTI AC200 MAX2200W4800W2048WhLiFePO43500+2x15W2 Years
BLUETTI EP5002000W4800W5100WhLiFePO46000+2x15W5 Years
BLUETTI EP500 Pro3000W6000W5100WhLiFePO46000+2x15W5 Years
BLUETTI EP600 Pro6000W6000W4960WhLiFePO46000+10 Years
BLUETTI AC300 +B3003000W6000W3072WhLiFePO43500+2x15W4 Years
BLUETTI AC500+B3005000W10000W3072WhLiFePO43500+2x15W4 Years
BLUETTI Solar Generators Specs

What can BLUETTI Power?

It isn’t easy to measure the electricity consumption of appliances and find the best solar generators for the whole house, apartment, or camping when there are 10s of them.

The Appliance Run Tim list for BLUETTI can give you an idea of standard appliances’ electrical consumption and run time. Pick the best one that can power all your devices and keep in mind that power time matters.


NameMobile 10WLaptop 60WMini fridge 60WTV 80WProjector 100WDesktop PC 300WHair Dryer 1600WCoffee Maker 2000WAC 8000BTU
BLUETTI AC2012 Charges2 Charges2 Hours1.5 Hours1.2 Hours
BLUETTI AC50S40 Charges7 Charges7 Hours5 Hours4 Hours1.3 Hours
BLUETTI EB3A25 Charged4 Charged4 Hours3 Hours2 Hours1 Hour
BLUETTI EB5550 Charges8 Charges8 Hours6 Hours5 Hours2.5 Hours
BLUETTI EB70S65 Charges10 Charges11 Hours8 Hours6 Hours3 Hours
BLUETTI EB240190 Charges32 Charges33 Hours23 Hours19 Hours6 Hours1.2 Hours1 Hour
BLUETTI EB120150 Charges25 Charges25 Hours18 Hours15 Hours5 Hours0.9 Hour0.7 Hour
BLUETTI EB150156 Charges26 Charges26 Hours19 Hours16 Hours6 Hours1 Hour0.8 Hours
BLUETTI AC200P170 Charges28 Charges28 Hours20 Hours17 Hours8.5 Hours1.2 Hours0.9 Hours2 Hours
BLUETTI AC200 MAX170 Charges28 Charges28 Hours20 Hours17 Hours8.5 Hours1.2 Hours0.9 Hours2 Hours
BLUETTI EP500 410 Charges60 Charges60 Hours45 Hours38 Hours20 Hours2.8 Hours170 Cups5 Hours
BLUETTIEP500Pro410 Charges60 Charges60 Hours45 Hours38 Hours20 Hours2.8 Hours170 Cups5 Hours
BLUETTI EP600 Pro400 Charges55 Charges55 Charges40 Hours33 Hours15 Hours2 Hours160 Cups3 Hours
BLUETTI AC300 +B300261 Charges43 Charges43 Hours32 Hours26 Hours13 Hours1.7 Hours87 Cups3 Hours
BLUETTI AC500+B300261 Charges43 Charges43 Charges32 Hours26 Hours13 Hours1.7 Hours87 Cups3 Hours
What can BLUETTI Power?


✅ MPPT Controller

✅Cooperative Customer Service

✅ Large Number of Branches

✅ Most Advance Features

✅ LiFePO4 Battery Backup


❌ No Metallic Body

❌ No Water Resistant IP5 Protection

❌ Expensive

❌ Requires Accessories

EcoFlow Overview

EcoFlow solar generators range from 300 watts to 4500 Watts at peak surge. The company also has a wide range of solar generators that do offer all the latest and advanced features including BMS, MPPT, Pure Sine Wave, and Mobile connectivity. The company was founded in 2017 with a mission to green energy, sustainable, and renewable power. River and Delta are the 2 main series of EF EcoFlow solar generators. Find out more about the complete series comparison on their official store. The company is dedicated to a slogan that says to empower a new world with solar green energy that everyone can own. The solar generators are designed keeping in view the eco-friendly and innovative new ways.

Looking for an EF EcoFlow solar generator that can meet all your needs at the best price? Here is the complete product range and relevant features offered by EF EcoFlow solar generators.

EF EcoFlow Solar Generators Specs

NameWattsPeak SurgeBattery wattagesBMSMPPTBatteryPure Sine WaveBattery LifeWireless ChargingMobile APPWarranty
River Mini300W600W210WhLithium-ion500+ Cycles to 80% Capacity1x15W2-Years
River600W1800W288WhLithium-ion500+ Cycles to 80% Capacity2 Years
River2300W600W256WhLiFePO43000+ Cycles to 80% Capacity5 years
River Plus600W1800W360WhLithium-ion800+ Cycles to 80% Capacity2 Years
River Max600W1800W576WhLithium-ion500+ Cycles to 80% Capacity2 Years
River Max Plus600W1800W720WhLithium-ion800+ Cycles to 80% Capacity2 Years
River 2 Max500W1000W512WhLiFePO43000+ Cycles to 80% Capacity5 years
River Pro600W1800W720WhLithium-ion800+ Cycles to 80% Capacity2 Years
River 2 Pro800W1600W768WhLiFePO43000+ Cycles to 80% Capacity2 Years
Delta Mini1400W1800W882WhLithium-ion800+ Cycles to 80% Capacity2 Years
Delta 21800W2700W1024WhLiFePO43000+ Cycles to 80% Capacity2 Years
Delta 10001600W3100W1008WhLithium-ion500+ Cycles to 80% Capacity2 Years
Delta 13001800W3300W1260WhLithium-ion800+ Cycles to 80% Capacity2 Years
Delta 1600 2000W5000W1612WhLithium-ion500+ Cycles to 80% Capacity2 Years
Delta Max 20002400W5000W2016WhLithium-ion800+ Cycles to 80% Capacity3 Years
Delta Pro3600W4500W3600WhLiFePO46500+ Cycles to 50% Capacity2 Years
EF EcoFlow Solar Generators Specs

What can an EF EcoFlow solar generator Power?

EF EcoFlow has a wide range of that are the best solar generators for the whole house, camping, picnics, outdoor adventures, and professional use.

The smallest EcoFlow solar generator River Mini comes with an invert that can handle power from 300w to 600w at peak surge. The duration can keep the appliances running greatly depends on its 210Wh Lithium-battery.

On the other hand, the biggest EF EcoFlow solar generator with the largest battery capacity is Delta pro with an inverter power of 3600w to 4500w peak surge control. It is one of the best solar generators for the whole house with a powerful LiFePO4 battery of 3600Wh to keep the appliances powered for a longer duration.

Here is a chart that explains the power timing of different appliances ranging from solo, group, and whole house usage. It’s an important stage and deciding factor not only for buying a solar generator but also for a power companion that will last with you for 10 years or more.

EF EcoFlow River Series Appliances Run Time:

EcoFlow’s smallest power station River Series ranges from River Mini 300w – 600w peak surge and with a Lithium-ion battery juice of 210Wh. Its’ Lithium-ion battery will last for 500 cycles to 80% of its original capacity.

Whereas the largest in the River Series as compared in terms of battery power is the River 2 Pro with a LiFePO4 768Wh and 3000 cycles to 80 percent capacity. Whereas, it has an inverter that can handle power from 800w to 1600w.

Here is the chart for the power consumption of EF EcoFlow River Series solar generators. These are derived from the statistics stated by the company and may vary from appliance to appliance, actual power consumption, and conditions.

ApplianceRiver MiniRiverRiver2River PlusRiver MaxRiver Max PlusRiver 2 MaxRiver ProRiver 2 Pro
Mobile 11w14 Charges19 Charges17 Charges24.5 Charges39 Charges49 Charges35 Charges49 Charges52 Charges
Tablet 30w5 Charges7 Charges6 Charges9 Charges14 Charges18 Charges13 Charges18 Charges19 Charges
Lamp 15w10 Hours14 Hours13 Hours18 Hours29 Hours36 Hours26 Hours36 Hours38 Charges
Laptop 50w3 Charges4.3 Charges3.8 Charges5.4 Charges8.6 Charges10.8 Charges7.6 Charges10.8 Charges11.5 Hours
Camera 16Wh9 Charges13 Charges12 Charges17 Charges27 Charges33 Charges24 Charges33 Charges36 Charges
Drone 60w2.6 Charges3.6 Charges3.2 Charges4.5 Charges7.2 Charges9 Charges6.4 Charges9 Charges9.5 Charges
Car Fridge 60w2.6 Hours3.6 Hours3.2 Hours4.5 Hours7.2 Hours9 Hours6.4 Hours9 Hours9.5 hours
Electric Blanket 100w1.6 Hours2 Hours1.9 Hours2.7 Hours4.3 Hours5.4 Hours3.8 Hours5.4 Hours5.7 Hours
Refrigerator 120w1.3 Hours1.8 Hours1.6 Hours2.2 Hours3.6 Hours4.5 Hours3.2 Hours4.5 Hours4.8 Hours
Cooker 200w0.8 Hour1 Hour0.9 Hour1.3 Hours2.1 Hours2.7 Hours1.9 Hours2.7 Hours2.9 Hours
Washer 500w0.4 Hours0.5 Hour0.4 Hour0.5 Hour0.9 Hours1 Hour0.8 Hour1 Hour1.2 Hours
Coffee Maker 1000w0.2 Hour0.3 Hour0.4 Hour0.5 Hour0.4 Hour0.5 Hour0.6 Hour
Electric Kettle 1500w0.14 Hour0.18 Hour0.3 Hour0.4 Hour0.4 Hour0.5 Hour
EF EcoFlow River Series Appliances Run Time

EF EcoFlow Delta Series Appliances Run Time:

The smallest Delta Series solar generator Delta Mini has a Lithium-ion battery of 882Wh. With an invert that can handle power ranges from 1400w to 1800w.

On the other side, the biggest Delta Series solar generator Delta Pro has a LiFePO4 battery which can last 3000+ cycles to the original 80% capacity. It is a solar generator with a powerful inverter that can handle power ranges from 3600w to 4500w.

Here are the statistics of power consumption for the EF EcoFlow Delta Series. These statistics are derived from the company-stated run time for appliances and may vary from the actual power time and conditions.

ApplianceDelta MiniDelta 2Delta 1000Delta 1300Delta 1600Delta Max 2000 Delta Pro
Mobile 11w65 Charges75 Charges73 Charges92 Charges117 Charges147 Charges262 Charges
Tablet 30w24 Charges27 Charges26 Charges34 Charges43 Charges54 Charges96 Charges
Lamp 15w47 Hours54 Hours53 Hours67 Hours86 Hours107 Hours192 Hours
Laptop 50w14 Charges16 Charges16 Charges20 Charges26 Charges32 Charges58 Charges
Camera 16Wh44 Charges51 Charges50 Charges63 Charges81 Charges101 Charges180 Charges
Drone 60w12 Charges14 Charges13 Charges17 Charges21 Charges27 Charges48 Charges
Car Fridge 60w12 Hours14 Hours13 Hours17 Hours21 Hours27 Hours48 Hours
Electric Blanket 100w7 Hours8 Hours8 Hours10 Hours13 Hours16.1 Hours29 Hours
TV 110w6.4 Hours7.4 Hours7.3 Hours9.2 Hours11.7 Hours14.6 Hours26 Hours
Cooker 200w3.5 Hours4.1 Hours4 Hours5 Hours6.4 Hours8 Hours14.4 Hours
Washer 500w1.4 Hours1.6 Hours1.6 Hours2 Hours2.6 Hours3.2 Hours5.7 Hours
Coffee Maker 1000w0.7 Hours0.8 Hours0.8 Hours1 Hour1.3 Hours1.6 Hours2.9 Hours
Microwave 1300w0.5 Hours0.6 Hours0.6 Hours0.8 Hour1 Hour1.2 Hours2.2 Hours
Electric Kettle 1500w0.4 Hours0.5 Hours0.5 Hours0.7 Hour0.9 Hour1.1 Hour1.9 Hours
Electric Heater 2200w0.3 Hours0.3 Hours0.4 Hour0.6 Hour0.8 Hour1.3 Hours
EF EcoFlow Delta Series Appliances Run Time

BLUETTI vs EcoFlow 1 vs 1

The list of BLUETTI vs EcoFlow individual comparison 1 vs 1 includes the following power stations with equal or almost similar battery capacity. This individual comparison has been arranged keeping in view the battery power used in these solar generators.

The features, battery life, onboard feature, technology, and compatibility will be seen and compared in detail in this comparison below.

Please, let us know in the comments if you find our comparison helpful. It means a lot and motivates us to come up with such quality and detailed comparisons.

BLUETTI EB3A vs EcoFlow River

BLUETTI EB70 vs EcoFlow River Pro

BLUETTI AC200 Max vs EcoFlow Delta Max 2000

BLUETTI AC300 vs EcoFlow Delta Pro

These comparisons are arranged in a sequence with battery wattages from smaller solar generators to higher ones. Please share the suggestions in the comments to let us know what features are missing to add value to our posts.

BLUETTI EB3A vs EcoFlow River


BLUETTI EB3A is a clear winner because of its LiFePO4 battery that provides 2500+ cycles to 80% of the original capacity. LiFePO4 battery can significantly prolong the battery life by up to 10 years. EB3A is a smart solar generator with a capacity to handle 600w to 1200w enough to support all camping small and medium devices.

EF EcoFlow River stands in second place only due to the non-availability of a LiFePO4 battery. Instead, it has a powerful 288Wh of Lithium-ion battery that lives up to 500+ cycles at 80% capacity. What makes it one of the best solar generators for small apartments and camping is the powerful inverter that can handle a power peak surge of 1800W and an edge over EB3A.

FeaturesBLUETTI EB3AEcoFlow River
Peak Surge1200w1800w
Battery Wattages268Wh288Wh
Battery Life Cycles2500+ Cycles to 80% Capacity500+ to 80% Capacity
Battery TechnologyLiFePO4Lithium-ion
Expandable Battery
Pure Sine Wave
Charging Options36
Solar Panels1xBLUETTI PV2001xEcoFlow 220w
Maximum Solar Input200w200w
Charging Time on Solar2-4 Hours1.6 – 3 Hours
Charging Time on AC Outlet1 Hour1.6 Hours
Charging Time 12V DC Car Outlet3.3 Hours3.5 Hours
Generator Charging Time1 Hour1.6 Hours
DC Input port12
DC High-Speed Input Port
DC Outlets33
12V DC Car Outlet11
DC High-Voltage Outlet
AC Outlets23
USB-A Type22
USB-C Type1x100W1x100w
Wireless Charging1x15W
Mobile Application
Flash Light
Dimensions10″L x 7.1″W x 7.2″H11.7″L x 7.3″W x 7.7″H
Weight10.14 Lbs.11.9 Lbs.
Warranty2 Years2 Years
PriceBLUETTI EB3AEcoFlow River
BLUETTI EB3A vs EcoFlow River

BLUETTI EB70s vs EcoFlow River Pro


BLUETTI EB70s comes with an inverter that can handle power from 800w to 1400w at peak surge. It has a powerful 716Wh of LiFePO4 battery that generates 2500+ cycles to 80% of the original capacity. Resultantly, the life of solar generators increases by up to 10 Years even used every day.

1x15w wireless charging in EB70s gives it an upper edge over its competitors. Additionally, 2x100w USB-C and 4x120V AC ports make it a clear winner in this competition.

River Pro has a heavy-duty inverter that ranges from 600w to handle a peak surge of 1800w. Lends it a bit of wattage in this comparison. The lithium-ion battery can give only 800+ cycles to 80% original capacity and is the only factor that downgrades its ranking. However, to overcome this dilemma, there is an option to extend the battery capacity.

Another factor to advantage of River Pro is the Quick AC recharge capability within 1.6 hours. Whereas. Its opponents can take up to 4 hours to get fully recharged.

FeaturesBLUETTI EB70River Pro
Peak Surge1400w1800w
Battery Wattages716Wh720Wh
Battery Life Cycles2500+ cycles to 80% original capacity800+ cycles to 80% capacity
Battery TechnologyLiFePO4Lithium-ion
Expandable Battery
Pure Sine Wave
Charging Options33
Solar Panels1xBLUETTI PV 2001xEcoFlow 220
Maximum Solar Input200w200w
Charging Time on Solar4 – 7 Hours4-8 Hours
Charging Time on AC Outlet4.5 Hours1.6 Hours
Charging Time 12V DC Car Outlet4 – 7 Hours8 Hours
Generator Charging Time4.5 Hours1.6 Hours
DC Input port200W Max/12-28V, 8A200w/12V/8A Max
DC Outlets2x12V/10A2×13.6V/3A
12V DC Car Outlet1x12V/10A1
AC Outlets43
USB-A Type22
USB-C Type2x100w1x100w
Wireless Charging1x15w
Mobile Application
Flash Light
0.22″L x 0.08″W x 0.08″H
11.4 x 7.1 x 9.3in
Weight21.4 Lbs.16.8lbs
Warranty2 Years2 Years
PriceBLUETTI EB70River Pro
BLUETTI EB70s vs EcoFlow River Pro

BLUETTI AC200 Max vs EcoFlow Delta Max 2000


AC200 Max can handle the power range from 2200w to 4800w at peak surge. The deciding factor in the comparison is the powerful and reliable 2048Wh of the LiFePO4 battery. It generates massive 3500+ cycles to 80% original capacity of the battery. A complete 10 Years of life span even if used daily. 

With AC200 Max 4xUSB-C Type ports charge simultaneously more devices on the go. NEMA TT30 allows it to power up heavy appliances and makes it one of the best solar generators for the whole house. Furthermore, 2x15w wireless charging is a very helpful feature to keep the devices charged without any strings attached while you are driving on the road.

AC200 Max can be charged with a Dual Wall AC Recharging port that significantly reduces the recharge timing and is ready to hit the road or face an imminent blackout. Super DC RV Outlet provides a powerful flow of current to keep all the RV appliances powered with pure sine wave synergy.

Delta Max 2000 has a powerful inverter that can handle massive 2400w to 5000w at peak surge. Enough to power a load of a whole house in a blackout or power outage. X-Boost technology Quick Recharge gets the solar generator ready to power the appliances within 1.8 Hours of short time for long backup.

Enough 6x120V AC outlets ensure that all the devices can be charged and powered at a time. It means a lot while you are in the woods and want to run several necessary appliances simultaneously. Similarly, 2x100w USB-C makes sure that a couple of mobile phones can be charged without waiting for one to get fully charged.

FeaturesBLUETTI AC200 MaxEcoFlow Delta Max 2000
Peak Surge4800w5000w
Battery Wattages2048Wh2016Wh
Battery Life Cycles3500+cycles to 80% capacity800+ cycles to 80% capacity
Battery TechnologyLiFePO4Lithium-ion
Expandable Battery
Pure Sine Wave
Charging Options33
Solar Panels2xBLUETTI-PV3502xEcoFlow 400
Max Solar Input900w/15A800w/13A
Charging Time on Solar3.5 Hours3.5 Hours
Charging Time on AC Outlet6 Hours1.8 Hours
Dual Wall Outlet Charging Time3 Hours
Charging Time 12V DC Car Outlet20 Hours21 Hours
Generator Charging Time6 Hours1.8
DC Input port1x900w/15A1x800w/10A
DC Outlets2x12V/10A DC 55212×12.6V3A
12V DC Car Outlet1x12V/10A1x12V/126w
12V Super DC RV Outlet1x12V/30A
AC Outlets4x120V/20A6x120V/20A
NEMA TT-301x120V/30A
USB-A Type42
USB-C Type1x100w2x100w
Wireless Charging2x15w
Mobile Application
Flash Light
Dimensions16.5″L x 15.2″W x 11″H19.6″L x 9.5″W x 12″H
Warranty2 Years3 Years
PriceBLUETTI AC200 MaxEcoFlow Delta Max 2000
BLUETTI AC200 Max vs EcoFlow Delta Max 2000

BLUETTI AC300 vs EcoFlow Delta Pro


BLUETTI AC300 is a clear winner with its massive and powerful inverter that can handle 3000w to 6000w. enables the capacity to power the whole appliances for a home or RV. Max 2400w solar input adds to the convenience and recharges the solar generator only within 2.3 Hours using 7xBLUETTI-PV350. Get set go! It is important to use the company-provided accessories to render the warranty void and damage to the power station.

Surprisingly, AC300 can be charged at lightning-fast speed using the NEMA AC L14-30A recharging cable within 1.5 Hours. It’s an amazing feature to get the solar generator ready within 90 minutes to kick-start the journey. 

The variety of recharging methods makes it one of the best solar generators. Dual AC Wall Recharge is a unique feature that allows the freedom to get the power station fully recharged this giant within only 2.3 hours. Additionally, 12V Super DC 30A RV heavy-duty outlet can power all the appliances without any worry of heated sockets. 

Wireless charging 2x15w is a must-feature that will add 10x convenience to your journey and trips. Charge your devices without any strings attached while driving. Last but not least 6xAC outlet and 4xUSB-A can power more and more appliances at a time to tap most of the solar energy out there in the woods.

Delta Pro has more LiFePO4 3600Wh battery juice for a good backup for long blackouts. It has 14.7% more wattage as compared to AC300 which has only 3072Wh.

2x100w USB-C Type ports add to the convenience when you are on the road and want to charge 2 mobile phones simultaneously. Anderson 12V High-Voltage output can charge appliances with 5x more speed and power.

Additionally, Delta Pro has a unique feature of EV Fast Charging. Using this option Delta Pro can be charged across the US within just 1.7 Hours. 

FeaturesBLUETTI AC300+BEcoFlow Delta Pro
Peak Surge6000w4500w
Battery Wattages3072Wh3600w
Battery Life Cycles3500+cycles to 80% capacity3500+cycles to 80% capacity
Battery TechnologyLiFePO4LiFePO4
Expandable Battery
Pure Sine Wave
Charging Options75
Solar Panels7xBLUETTI-PV3503xEcoFlow 400w
Maximum Solar Input2400w1600w
Charging Time on Solar2.3 Hours5.6 Hours
Charging Time on AC Outlet2.7 Hours1.8 Hours
Dual Wall Outlet Charging Time2.3 HoursEV/1.7 Hours
Charging Time on NEMA TT-301.5 Hours
Charging Time 12V DC Car Outlet18 Hours20 Hours
Generator Charging Time2.7 Hours1.8 Hours
DC Input port1x2400w/12-150V/12A1x1600w
DC Outlets2x12V/3A
12V DC Car Outlet1x12V-24V/10A1x12V/10A
12V Super DC RV Outlet1x12V/30A
DC High-Voltage Outlet
AC Outlets6x120V/20A4x120V/20A
NEMA TT-301x120V/30A1x120V/30A
USB-A Type42
USB-C Type1x100w2x100w
Wireless Charging2x15W
Mobile Application
Flash Light
Dimensions20.5 x 12.5 x 14.1in25 x 11.2 x 16.4
Warranty4 Years5 Years
PriceBLUETTI AC300+BEcoFlow Delta Pro
BLUETTI AC300 vs EcoFlow Delta Pro

6 Major Differences Between BLUETTI vs EF EcoFlow

BLUETTI vs ECOFLOW Major Differences

1. Reliability

BLUETTI and EF EcoFlow, both companies have kept a tight focus on reliability factors. Hard plastic material and rugged casing lend BLUETTI an upper edge when it comes to camping and outdoor activities. Therefore, BLUETTI stands out in the race and takes more ratings in reliability and rough use. 

On the other hand, EcoFlow products seem to be designed for best indoor usage along with outdoor as well. Read more about the top 10 best solar generators with the highest reliability. Pick up one of the best solar generators made in the USA with the toughest reliability.

2. Maximum wattage

It’s not a coincidence that BLUETTI again scored higher than its alternatives, BLUETTI AC500+B300 provided you the power for all the appliances. You can fit their AC500 in your RV vans remote houses, and shelters, and a perfect fit for a camping truck with massive current control of 10000 Watts. Keep all your house powered up for dark days and blackouts. Simply don’t worry BLUETTI AC500 + B300 keeps all the appliances powered up for up to 10 Days.

EF EcoFlow has good solar generators that can power up appliances with a maximum of 5000 Watts. It can certainly power up all the appliances in your home all day long and the whole night. With an extendable battery, there is an option to increase the backup power significantly. Click here to learn more about the most reliable pure sine wave solar generators for your home.

3. The difference in Batteries

BLUETTI has used state-of-the-art LiFePO4 batteries in a maximum number of their solar generators. That can significantly enhance the backup power and give you a cover for a maximum of 10 days with BLUETTI AC500 + B300. Similarly, all BLUETTI small solar generators with lighter wattage do come with a LiFePO4 battery which is loved by travelers. Lithium Phosphate provides a longer backup time when in standby mode. With an extended battery life of 3000+ life cycles to 80 percent, LiFePO4 has the metal to stand out from the competition with lightning-fast recharging speed and slow discharge capability. Plus, their current retention level is much higher as compared to similar technologies.

EF EcoFlow has not disappointed its customers by deploying a Lithium-ion battery in the majority of its solar generators. Lithium-ion can give you a longer backup when on standby and when in use. However, when strictly compared there is a slight difference in their performance of both the LiFePO4 and simple Lithium-ion batteries where the earlier stands out. Find out the best solar generators for apartments with the best battery life.

4. Wireless Charging

BLUETTI has done a great job when it comes to wireless charging. The majority of their solar generators come with fast wireless charging of 10-15W. Wireless charging is an essential feature in outdoor activities and makes your camping more convenient. Even when used at home wireless charging can keep your phones charged all the time.

Unfortunately, wireless charging is missing in the majority of the EF EcoFlow solar generators as evident from the BLUETTI VS EF EcoFlow comparison chart above. Established that wireless charging is the future and an essential feature for making outdoor activities more joyful and convenient, EcoFlow is lagging in providing their customers with wireless charging in most of their power stations. The River Mini is the only EF EcoFlow solar generator with 15W fast wireless charging.

5. MPPT and Pure Sine Wave Technology

All the BLUETTI solar generators are equipped with Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) that amplifies the current power produced by the PV panels to the maximum. MPPT fixes the current that can accurately match the battery charging requirements and full it within a few hours. Simultaneously, Pure Sine Wave technology ensures that all the appliances get a stable 

EcoFlow solar power generators offer MPPT technology in all its variants. The MPPT technology has been named as X-Boost and X- Stream as Pure Sine Wave in EF EcoFlow solar generators. However, MPPT and X-Boost do the same job to amplify the DC and help in rapid charging as well as power up heavy appliances.

6. Warranty Cover

The BLUETTI stands out again with the maximum warranty cover duration of 10 Years for its BLUETTI EP600 Pro solar generator. The minimum warranty period is 2 years for the majority of BLUETTI solar generators. The company beats its competitors when it comes to after-sale customer services. Visit their Warranty and Contact Us official website page for avail 30 days money back guarantee. You can notice the easy navigation as well as the customer-friendly team to help you on working days. Click here to download BLUETTI solar generators user manual.

The EcoFlow minimum warranty duration is 2 years for the majority of their power stations and solar generators. However, River and River 2 Max do offer 5 years of extended warranty. Visiting their contact, us, and finding warranty details are quite user-friendly. EF EcoFlow has a dedicated team to answer all your queries on the working days. Find out more details by giving a visit to their official Contact Us page for US customers.

Bluetti vs EcoFlow Buying Guide


In this brief but complete buying the best solar generators guide you can find all the necessary things to know before making a purchase. Read till the end to be on the safe side instead of regretting the latter. The features mentioned in this guide will certainly help you pick up the best solar generators for camping, outdoor activities, and home use. 

1. Latest Technology

    Solar generators are the future and they are here to stay for a long time. The best decision is to buy a solar generator with all the latest and state-of-the-art technology. Here are some of the features that must be looked for when buying a solar generator.

    a. BMS, what is BMS?

    Battery Management System (BMS) is an outstanding feature that is a must and comes as a standard in all the best solar generators out there in the market. What is included in BMS? These are the features that are a must for the proper protection of your solar generator:

    1. Over-current Protection
    2. Short-current Protection
    3. Over-discharge Protection
    4. Over-charge Protection
    5. Over-voltage Protection
    6. Thermal Protection

    These 6 BMS protections are a must for a solar generator to be reliable, safe, value for money, and to be long-lasting. Few cheap solar generators in the market do not offer these advanced features and they are certainly not worth spending your hard-earned money on. Solar power stations without BMS protection will not last long and be a source of problems every other day and in time of need.

    b. MPPT

    Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) is the technology to amplify the DC power that you are getting from PV. This not only helps charge batteries 3X faster but also powers up heavy appliances. Get 3x more power by buying a solar generator with this technology. Here is the list of the best solar generators for your house with MPPT technology. Do not buy a solar generator that uses Pulse Wide Modulation (PWM). It’s a good technology to regulate the DC solar power but you cannot amplify the power. Resultantly, no fast charging and support for heavy appliances.

    c. Pure Sine Wave

    Pure Sine Wave is the method to regulate the current power by stabilizing it. Using this technology, solar generators provide you with a stable current and do not damage the appliances. A stable and regulated current means smooth as well as periodic oscillation to meet the power need of all your appliances that too with safety. The best solar generators with Pure Sine Wave ensure that you get the same power as provided by the power grid with a smooth and continuous flow of current.

    2. Best Features

    The second thing you must know before buying a solar generator is to make sure that it complies with this list of Best Features of a solar generator. Here we have the complete list of solar generators that offer these standard features at a nominal price. 

    a. Wireless Charging

    I have always asserted that the future is wireless. We have transformed from internet and phone cables to satellite internet. Therefore, camping is a matter that needs to be convenient and fast as much as it can. This is the domain where wireless charging comes into play. Wireless charging not only makes your traveling comfortable; it has also become a standard solar generator feature. 

    b. Connectivity

    The latest solar generators provide remote monitoring with the help of a mobile application. It’s a standard feature that costs less and adds to your comfort manifolds. Take complete control of your power and monitor remotely in the palm of your hand. A solar generator with a mobile application also keeps you notified of critical charging drain levels. It not only helps save power but also battery life. Additionally, you can turn on and off all your appliances with a mobile application.

    This can be in the form of a WIFI or Bluetooth-connected mobile application. Click to download the mobile Apple IOS and Android app for BLUETTI. For EF  EcoFlow Apple IOS and Android app click on the respective option.

    c. USB-C Fast charging

    USB-C PW charging port is something that needs to be there when you are camping in the woods. It helps keep your devices charged with up to 65W of power and at significantly reduced time. Utilize solar daytime power and charge all your devices quickly to their maximum. What else could be more helpful when on the go or at home during the blackout?

    3. Strong Built

    Best solar generators are built with hard plastic materials that last for decades even if their inner elements get rusted. However, to make it more strong solar generators are using aluminum cases to make their products long-lasting and stand with the gust and blow of camping. Buyers ignore this feature and do not pay much attention to details. Some even do not bother to look at the build of the case. However, I advise you to be cautious of the case material and buy the one with aluminum to be on the safe side and not to waste your hard-earned money.

    4. Size and Portability

    Last but not least compact size and portability matter a lot. Covering the essential points, we do not focus on the size and portability of the solar generators which means all at the end of the day. Some buy heavy but large solar generators, when they need a small one, and cannot fit them into their camp. The consequences are the same on the other side buying a small-size compact power station and ending up eating all the power. The recommendation is to calculate the power consumption of all the appliances on the list of your camping, outdoor sitting, or apartment and then select the perfect size solar generators giving portability second place. Are you interested to buy the 10 best solar generators for small-size apartments with a helpful buying guide? Please, check out the list above to pick up the best one with all recommended features.

    Bluetti vs EcoFlow FAQs


    How to contact BLUETTI customer service?

    The BLUETTI customer services are easy to navigate. You can acquire their help easily by contacting their customer service via email, contact form, sales department, wholesale department, order & shipping, after-sales, and telephone numbers by simply visiting their official Contact Us page for further assistance. You can access their Support page for the general FAQs section to sort out the problem yourself. The company has dedicated customer service in place which is customer-friendly and tries its best to solve the issues.

    How to claim BLUETTI warranty?

    The BLUETTI warranty can only be claimed if it is within the due time. On the other hand, a few extra bucks would be extracted from your wallet to get replaced any faulty component. Visit their official Warranty and Return page to see how what is the warranty duration of your product and how to claim one.

    How to contact EF EcoFLow?

    EF EcoFlow has offices in the USA, Europe, and Japan. You can contact them via email, with support, media, and the legal affairs departments. Visit the EF EcoFlow Contact Us page to reach them via phone customer service phone number on working days. You can check their FAQs section to find the instant answer to all their products.

    How to claim EF EcoFLow warranty?

    To claim a warranty with EcoFlow visit their Warranty and Return page and log in and provide the details of your product to check the warranty cover duration and make a claim afterward. The company also entertains requests to replace components of your solar generator with an additional amount if the product warranty has expired.

    Where are BLUETTI solar generators made?

    BLUETTI solar generators are made in China. It’s a Chinese company making products of American and EU standards. BLUETTI is the associated company of Shenzhen Poweoak founded in 2013.

    How to connect BLUETTI solar panels?

    BLUETTI solar generators come with a solar panel to generator connector wire. Simply connect the connector with your solar generator and the other compatible end with the solar panels to start charging and using the generators at the same time.

    Where are BLUETTI products made?

    BLUETTI products are made in China and then shipped to the USA, Europe, and the rest of the world. It’s a multinational company having its outlet store in several countries worldwide. Their products are of export standard with all the latest features.

    Which is better BLUETTI or ECO FLOW?

    The BLUETTI offers more features in their solar generators and power stations as compared to EF EcoFlow. What is prominent is the wireless charging feature. BLUETTI has offered wireless charging features in almost all its solar generators. Another feature that BLUETTI has to its credit is the LiFePO4 batteries. Again, BLUETTI offers LiFePO4 batteries in almost all their power stations. LiFePO4 batteries are notorious for retaining the charge for longer durations, slow discharge, and longer life cycles.

    Which BLUETTI is the best?

    BLUETTI BLUETTI AC200P is the most popular choice among customers of solar generators. It includes all the features like BMS, MPPT, Pure Sine Wave, Extended Battery compatibility, wireless charging, LiFePO4 battery with 3500+ cycles to 80 percent, and a maximum number of outlets making it one of the best solar generators in the market. BLUETTI AC200P is a perfect fit for traveling and use at home as a UPS.

    Are Poweroak and BLUETTI the same company?

    BLUETTI is a subordinate company to Shenzhen Poweroak Company founded in 2013. Their products are of international export standard and meet all safety as well as quality checks.

    EF EcoFLow FAQs

    Where are EcoFlow solar generators made?

    EF EcoFlow is one of the best Chinese companies and an associate of Shenzhen company. Their products are of international export standard and comply with all safety as well as quality checks. Are you looking for solar generators made in the USA? Check out our list of top brands purely designed in the United States.

    How long will an EcoFlow Delta last?

    EcoFlow Delta can last for 3000+ cycles to 80 percent battery. As stated by the company the complete battery can generate up to 13000+ cycles to 20 percent of the battery remaining. This can last for 7-8 years of battery backup.

    Are EcoFlow Solar generators good?

    EF EcoFlow is a multinational company with several stores around the world. They have dedicated customer service for after-sales in Europe and USA. All their products comply with international export standards established by the standard control organization and meet safety as well as quality checks.

    Does EcoFlow Delta have WIFI?

    Yes, all the Delta series solar generators are remote use enabled via a mobile application using WIFI or Bluetooth except Delta Mini, Delta 1000, and Delta 1300. Check the comprehensive comparison chart above for a complete understanding.





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