Goal Zero vs Jackery

Goal Zero vs Jackery: Everything you Need to Know

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The world’s focus has taken a shift from fossil fuel to renewable and green energy. Solar generators have taken a peek during this season for free and renewable energy resources. They are silent, safe, and generate free energy with the help of Photo Voltic (PV) solar panels. Goal Zero vs Jackery is one such comparison between the two best solar generator producers. They are dedicated companies with a huge happy customer base enjoying free energy out there in the woods.

Here in this comparison, we will dive deep into all the variants of both companies. We will conclude by comparing the features of all the solar generators of both companies including the latest options, standard features, facts, and figures. Do not forget to go through the guide to make a better shopping decision.

What you will find next in this comparison?

  1. Goal Zero Overview
  2. Jackery Overview
  3. 6 Major Differences
  4. Buying Guide
  5. FAQs

Goal Zero Overview

Here is the complete overview of our second competitor in this comparison of Goal Zero vs Jackery. Goal Zero has been reviewed by several giant media outlets like Business Insider, Forbes, and Tech Crunch with outstanding ratings. Their products are made to last longer and provide customers with quality. The metallic case lends endurance and makes the solar generators last longer. Goal Zero solar generator prices are nominal with exceptional service. They have a wide variety of solar generators and power stations for use at home during power outages and outdoor use. With the complete solar kit, you can light up your homes, RV vans, and tents with free and renewable solar energy.

Goal Zero is an active partner with humanitarian crisis management organizations and frequently helps local people in the areas which are hit by any natural disaster. This provides them the motivation to make portable products, use green energy, and be highly reliable.

Award-Winning, quiet, fumeless, and safe power backup all day long and at night makes it one of the best solar generators made in the USA in the market. The company enjoys a huge number of happy customers and provides all extra accessories like extended batteries, wires, connectors, and solar panels for complete compatibility as well as safety. Which means you do not have to outsource any of the parts.

Goal Zero Solar Generators Specs

NameWattsPeakBattery WattagesBMSMPPTPure Sine WaveBatteryBattery CyclesWireless ChargingMobile APPWarranty
Yeti 200X120W200W187WhModified Sine WaveLithium-ion500 Cycles to 80% Capacity2 Years
Yeti 500X300W1200W505WhLithium-ion500 Cycles to 80% Capacity2 Years
Yeti 1000 Core1200W2400W983WhLithium-ion500 Cycles to 80% Capacity2 Years
Yeti 1000X1500W3500W983WhLithium-ion500 Cycles to 80% Capacity2 Years
Yeti 1500X2000W3500W1516WhLithium-ion500 Cycles to 80% Capacity2 Years
Yeti 3000X2000W3500W3032WhLithium-ion500 Cycles to 80% Capacity2 Years
Yeti 6000X2000W3500W6071WhLithium-ion500 Cycles to 80% Capacity2 Years

What Goal Zero can Power?

What can Goal Zero power? The comparison between Goal Zero vs Jackery will become clear by looking at the appliances that can be powered. Here is the complete list of what Goal Zero solar generators can power and their run time. For more information visit their official website comparison page.

AppliancesYeti 200XYeti 500XYeti 1000 CoreYeti 1000XYeti 1500XYeti 3000XYeti 6000X
Mobile Phone16 Charges42 Charges82 Charges82 Charges127 Charges253 Charges500 Charges
Tablet6 Charges17 Charges33 Charges33 Charges51 Charges101 Charges200 Charges
Laptop4 Charges10 Charges20 Charges20 Charges31 Charges61 Charges120 Charges
Camera DSLR11 Charges28 Charges55 Charges55 Charges84 Charges169 Charges240 Charges
Light 11W17 Hours46 Hours90 Hours90 Hours138 Hours276 Hours550 Hours
TV10 Hours10 Hours15 Hours30 Hours60 Hours
Pellet Grill17 Hours17 Hours26 Hours51 Hours100 Hours
Mini Fridge28 Hours28 Hours44 Hours55 Hours110 Hours


✅Trusted by Major Media Outlets

✅Strong Built


✅Happy Customer Base

✅World-Wide Sales


❌No Mobile Connectivity

❌No Wireless Charging

❌No LiFePO4 Battery

❌No 12V High Power DC Outlets

❌No 12V High Power DC Input

Jackery Overview

In this comparison of Goal Zero vs Jackery let’s dive into the details of our first competitor. Jackery is one of the most sought-after brands and the biggest producer of solar generators in the market. With 9 years of experience in the field of portable solar power and green energy on the go, the company produced world-class reliable, and powerful solar generators at a reasonable price. The world’s leading portable power producer uses advanced and the latest technology in their solar generators such as BMS, MPPT, Pure Sine Wave, and fast-charging USB-C PW ports.

Jackery solar-powered generators are safe, reliable, easy to use, travel-friendly, and pollution free. Front-line battery quality is ensured by retesting with safety as the top priority. Additionally, the wide series make sure that you can meet all your energy needs with high-quality solar generators while all being pocket-friendly. For the convenience of our readership, we have listed and compared all the models and variants of Jackery solar generators. Check out the ratings first.

Jackery Solar Generators Specs

NameWattsPeakBMSMPPTPure Sine WaveBatteryBattery CyclesWireless ChargingMobile APPWarranty
Jackery E160100W150WLithium-ion500 Cycles to 80% Capacity2 Years
Jackery E240200W400WLithium-ion500 Cycles to 80% Capacity2 Years
Jackery E300300W500WLithium-ion500 Cycles to 80% Capacity2 Years
Jackery E500500W1000WLithium-ion500 Cycles to 80% Capacity2 Years
Jackery E10001000W2000WLithium-ion500 Cycles to 80% Capacity2 Years
Jackery E1000 Pro1000W2000WLithium-ion500 Cycles to 80% Capacity2 Years
Jackery E15001800W3600ELithium-ion500 Cycles to 80% Capacity2 Years
Jackery E2000 Pro2200W4400WLithium-ion1000 Cycles to 80% Capacity3 Years

What a Jackery can Power?

What can Jackery Solar Generators power? I have compiled a list of major appliances and their run time to take the Goal Zero vs Jackery comparison an extra mile. Here is the complete list with accurate run time as claimed by the company.

AppliancesE160E240E300E500E1000E1500E2000 Pro
Phone16 Charges24 Charges31 Charges53 Charges100 Charges150 Charges200 Charges
Camera5 Charges10 Charges15 Charges15 Charges50 Charges75 Charges90 Charges
Drone2 Charges4 Charges6 Charges6 Charges17 Charges25 Charges32 Charges
Laptop1.5 Charges2 Charges2.5 Charges4.5 Charges8 Charges12 Charges17 Charges
Light10 Hours21 Hours24 Hours38 Hours76 Hours115 Hours165 Hours
Fan7 Hours15 Hours20 Hours30 Hours57 Hours80 Hours110 Hours
Mini Cooler1.5 Hours4 Hours5 Hours9 Hours17 Hours26 Hours35 Hours
TV1.5 Hours3.5 Hours4.5 Hours7.5 Hours13 Hours21 Hours30 Hours
Coffee Maker50 Mins75 Mins173 Mins
Electric Grill50 Mins75 Mins173 Mins


✅Trusted by Major Media Outlets

✅Strong Built


✅Happy Customer Base

✅World-Wide Sales


❌No Mobile Connectivity

❌No Wireless Charging

❌No LiFePO4 Battery

❌No 12V High Power DC Outlets

❌No 12V High Power DC Input

6 Major Differences

Let’s go the extra mile to cover all the differences one by one and find out what makes both the biggest solar-powered generators the most reliable ones. The comparison of Goal Zero vs Jackery is incomplete without knowing the differences in detail. This comparison between Goal Zero vs Jackery will let you know which one is the best and help you make a better shopping decision.

1. Goal Zero Supports Mobile Application

Goal Zero

Jackery has captured the market of solar generators by leaps and bounds as compared to the Goal Zero solar generators. However, we have noticed that Goal Zero is more advance when it comes to connectivity and remote monitoring. There are 7 Goal Zero solar-powered generators of which 3 provide mobile connectivity. These three solar generators are Yeti 1500X, Yeti 3000X, and Yeti 6000X. Mobile monitoring apps make it way more convenient to monitor the live battery status and receive high and low-voltage notifications. Additionally, remote monitoring is very helpful while traveling. Just take out the mobile from your pocket and see how much power you are left with instead of manually looking at it on the generator’s screen.


Whereas Jackery has eight solar-powered generators and none of them provides a mobile connectivity application. This lack of mobile monitoring provides Goal Zero an upper edge and scores higher ratings. It is disappointing that a big company like Jackery does not offer mobile connectivity in any of its 8 solar power stations despite a huge customer base buying them like hotcakes.

2. Higher Peak Surge Control in Jackery


All the Jackery solar generators come with a built-in MPPT charge controller. An MPPT controller is a standard feature in solar generators and most of the big names in do offer this feature in all their solar generators. Jackery Solar generators can handle a peak surge of a maximum of 4400 watts which can recharge an 80 Watts laptop 25 times significantly improving the battery backup. Additionally, you can power up heavy appliances up to 4400 Watts. If you are up to buying a solar generator for a refrigerator that fluctuates a lot then there are chances that you need a solar generator that can handle peak surges well.

MPPT charge controller amplifies the DC coming from the PV panels 3X more powerfully as compared to a PWM solar charge controller. With MPPT technology a power station can be charged 3x more rapidly and tap most of the solar renewable green energy.

Goal Zero

Goal Zero solar generators’ maximum power surge control is about 3500 Watts. It is less than the Jackery but still, it can power up heavy appliances for a longer duration with the help of an extended battery bank. Goal Zero solar generators come with MPPT technology that enhances the current recharging and discharge capacity.

3. Strong Aluminum Case Makes Goal Zero Reliable


Jackery uses hard plastic material for manufacturing its advance solar generators. Hard plastic material has proven itself as the most travel friendly and reduces weight significantly. That makes it compact and lightweight perfect for camping and outdoor settings as well as to be used in a room.

Goal Zero

Goal Zero has performed an exceptional job when it comes to reliability and endurance. All their solar generators are cased up in an aluminum case which lends 5x more durability and safety from shocks during traveling, camping, and use at home. However, it adds up to the weight and may cause problems while traveling.

4. Goal Zero has more USB-C PD ports


Jackery solar generators lack behind when it comes to USB outlet ports. Jackery E240 and E500 do not have USB-C PD ports which is a great hurdle while you are camping and out in the woods. Fast charging is a must to keep all your devices fully charged and ready to go. Many of the latest devices have shifted to USB-C cables and the era of USB-A type will not last any longer. Therefore, these two variants mentioned above will require you to purchase an extra converter.

Goal Zero

On the other hand, Goal Zero has emphasized the USB-C PW 60 and 18W Quick Charge charging ports in all their solar-powered power stations. This makes them stand apart from their competitors. It allows the users the ease to charge their USB-C Type fast charging devices 4x to 5x faster than the outdated USB-A 5V ports. Additionally, it proves to be a long-run winner in the coming next 10 years, as all the devices are now quickly shifting to fast-charging USB-C Type.

5. Useful DC outlets in Goal Zero


Jackery comparatively holds a huge customer base and manufactures strong solar generators that may last up to 10 years without any external damage except the battery performance. Models like Jackery E2000 Pro, E240, E300, E1500, and E1000 do not offer DC outlet ports. DC outlet ports are becoming an important factor in solar generators. Powering up DC appliances does not consume higher voltages and runs for 5X more as compared to AC appliances. DC appliances such as fans, pumps, refrigerators, emergency lights, and chargers do not lose current during conversion from DC to AC.

Goal Zero

Goal Zero on the other side has performed an exceptional job by providing DC outlet ports in all their solar generator variants to power up all your DC appliances. As stated above DC appliances have longer run times and drain little power from batteries as compared to AC. AC to DC conversion would lose about 30 % of the power during conversion even with a 95% efficient inverter. Using DC appliances means you are getting 35% more battery backup.

6. Goal Zero High-Speed 12V Charging Port


All Jackery Solar generators do not have a Fast-Charging DC 12V High Power input port for direct charging with solar panels except Jackery Explorer 1000. Fast Charging DC ports significantly reduce the charging time and provide firmly gripped charging cable clips during charging to avoid any short circuits and overheating. Jackery does not have any Fast-Charging DC 12V High Power Outlet port that helps run and charge simultaneously DC devices to escape conversion losses and ensure longer backup battery time.

Goal Zero

Goal Zero, except for Yeti 300X and Yeti 500X, has provided Fast Charging DC 12V High Power input Port in all its solar generators. These high-power 12V ports ensure 2-3X fast charging as compared to traditional DC charging input ports. What is more surprising in Goal Zero solar generators is the Fast-Charging High-Power 12V DC outlet. You can charge all your DC appliances and run them at a faster pace as compared to traditional ones. These Fast-Charging and High-Power 12V DC ports not only ensure fast power delivery but also do not get overheat when used extensively.

Buying Guide

Here is the complete and comprehensive Solar Generators Buying Guide. Goal Zero vs Jackery solar generator buying guide will equip you with the essential point of buying one and making proper use of your hard-earned money. These advanced technologies are at the back of a mechanism of how the best solar generators work. This Guide will equip you with all the necessary information required to buy a good solar generator while being pocket-friendly. The recommendations are not binding but they can be taken as advice to make a better shopping decision and pick up a perfect solar generator that may meet all your needs.

1. Latest Technology

When spending your hard-earned money make sure that you buy a good solar generator that includes all the standard as well as the latest technology. You can compare these technologies easily by looking at the Goal Zero vs Jackery comparison chart above. This advanced technology has become a new normal and is provided by most reputable manufacturers as standard in almost all their variants from lowest to highest. For your convenience, we have mentioned all the latest technology that is standard in a good solar generator.

a. BMS

Battery Management System is a standard feature and a very important feature in a solar power station. Never buy one that does not have a BMS feature. BMS lends complete safety to your solar generators and extends their life 10X as compared to solar generators that do not offer this useful feature. Here is the list of BMS’s most important features.

  1. Over-current Protection
  2. Short-current Protection
  3. Over-discharge Protection
  4. Over-charge Protection
  5. Over-voltage Protection
  6. Thermal Protection

A solar generator with BMS is expected to last 5 years longer as compared to a solar generator without BMS. Hence it is established that BMS is a necessary and standard feature for not only safety but also the long life of a generator.


Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) is a standard feature that is built into all solar generators and solar power stations of international export quality. MPPT amplifies the DC 3X and helps rapidly charge batteries. Additionally, MPPT supports fast charging of appliances attached to a solar generator with minimum losses. MPPT can work at its maximum when connected to the best portable solar panels to achieve maximum output efficiency.

The MPPT-equipped solar charger performs 40% better as compared to a PWM solar generator. Resultantly, it significantly increases the battery life by using less power and producing more. Therefore, it’s a very important feature that you must look for before buying one. To find out which solar generator has MPPT, view the above specification table of this Goal Zero vs Jackery comparison.

c. Pure Sine Wave

Pure Sine Wave is an essential technology that stabilizes the current and provides a stable as well as a smooth current flow for all appliances attached to a solar generator. This technology is important for appliances that require ultra-stable current power like computers, printers, cameras, monitors, and similar devices to work properly without any glitches. Pure Sine Wave solar generators for the apartments can give you the best performance and ensures safety for all appliances.

d. LiFePO4 Battery

What one should look for when buying a solar generator is the battery that it has in its case. LiFePO4 batteries have 3X better performance as compared to the normal Lithium-ion battery and 6X better performance than Lead Acid batteries. LiFePO4 batteries have zero maintenance and require no additional care. They do not get overheated and therefore result in longer life spans as compared to other batteries in the market.

Additionally, LiFePO4 batteries have a built-in mechanism that supports slow discharge and fast charging. However, they are not the cheapest batteries in the market and need some extra cash to avail of these benefits.

2. Advance Features

Do not waste your hard-earned money and buy the best solar generators for all your appliances with these best features that come as standard. These features make your camping experience convenient and help you get your appliances running smoothly.

a. USB-C PW port

USB-C PW port is the new normal in all solar generators. It has become a standard feature in all advance and technology-equipped power stations. It doesn’t mean that the USB-A type has become obsolete. The fact is that all new devices now only support USB-C Type charging as it supports charging up to 100W devices which are 20 times faster than USB-A Type. Its long life and sleek design make it more suitable for traveling and use at home.

With USB-C Type charging port you can charge big appliances like tablets, iPads, drones, cameras, and power banks within a few minutes. On the other side, USB-A type delivers less power and watts consequently eating up more time to get your devices charged.

b. Mobile Connectivity

Mobile connectivity is another factor that is most important in a portable solar generator. Looking at a small screen while you are on the road is a difficult task when you have all that live data available on your mobile screen. The mobile application also notifies you when the battery charging level is full or critically low to help extend the life span of your solar generator. Mobile connectivity keeps you updated with the charging level allowing you the freedom to take complete control of your solar generator from anywhere in the world. Goal Zero vs Jackery comparison chart above allows you to look at all the solar generators that come with a mobile application.

c. Wireless Charging

Wireless charging is a feature that makes your journey more than convenient and comfortable. No hassle of wires around everywhere and broken charging wires. Wireless charging, while you are out there camping in the woods, gives you the freedom to rapidly charge your devices without any strings attached. Additionally, you do not have to carry all the compatible connectors and charging cables. Just one fast wireless charger solar generator and get all sorts of your devices charged.

Better performance is another advantage of wireless chargers. Say goodbye to current losses and slow charging and tangled wires everywhere with wireless charging. Get charged your mobile phones, tablets, earbuds, and power banks of any type without any connectors and wires.  

d. DC Outlets

A solar generator without a DC outlet port will drain your battery within an hour. However, if you buy one with DC outlet ports that will certainly go to give you a longer battery backup and keep your all devices powered up for hours and hours. This is because DC to AC conversion causes a 30% loss of current consequently draining the batteries earlier than what is estimated. A DC fan can be run for 8 hours as compared to an AC Fan for only 1-2 hours. It means 6X more power. Therefore, it’s a must to look for DC outlet ports even if you are buying a solar generator for home or camping.

3. Durability

Reliability and endurance are a factor that cannot be overemphasized. The usual battery life of a solar generator for an apartment is estimated at 10 years. What if that gets broken or parts damaged during shifting it from one place to another? This is the reason durability is essential for the long-life span of a solar generator. The outer case of hard plastic or aluminum is however necessary but not the defining factor in the durability of the best solar generator. What makes a solar generator reliable is the warranty period provided by the manufacturers. The companies that use export and standard quality components in their solar generators provide warranties for a longer time as compared to companies that use cheap components.

Therefore, we see a recommendation to buy the best solar generators with an extended time of warranty experts. Warranty duration describes a lot about your solar generator. If the warranty period is short then there is a probability that the company has used cheap components to cut the cost. The usual and acceptable warranty duration is at 2 years at least. There are solar generators in the market whose warranty can be extended. Click here to get extended your Jackery solar generator warranty. Check out how you can get a warranty extension for Goal Zero solar generators.

4. Compact Size & Wattages

A deciding factor in buying the best solar generator is its size relevancy and wattage that meets all your needs. If you have to power up heavy appliances like refrigerators, TV, and electric grill consider these best 1200-Watt solar generators that will give you good backup time all day long and night. Alternatively, if you have to power small appliances like a mobile phone, camera, drone, or laptop then a small 300-Watt solar generator would be sufficient for handsome backup for complete 24 hours.

Selecting the right size can significantly impact your travel comfort and budget. It is better to take measure the electricity consumption of all your appliances that you want to run the solar generator by using Uni-T UT Clamp Meter 204 R for accurate results. Measure the Amperes each device uses and then you can reach a firm decision for buying the perfect solar generator that will fulfill all your needs.

Formula to Measure Amperes:

Here is a simple formula to measure the watts of each device.

Amperes x Volts = Watts

For instance, if a fan is 1 Amp and the wall AC outlet is 120V then its watts would be:

1 Amp x 120V = 120 Watts.


Jackery has more customer base and a wide variety and solar generators with higher wattage peak surges of up to 4400 watts built-in inverters. Whereas Goal Zero has a peak sure control of 3500 watts inverter. Jackery is the best choice for campers who want to power up appliances with higher watts.

For buyers who want extra features with maximum outlet power ports then Goal Zero is the best choice for fast power delivery and charging. Furthermore, Goal Zero has a strong aluminum case that lends it extra durability and long life. Overall Goal Zero offers more fast charging and outlet ports with extendable battery options, and a long-life span as compared to its competitors.


Jackery FAQs

When Jackery was founded?

The company was founded in California in 2012. Now they operate internationally with thousands of happy customer bases worldwide. All the designs are made in the USA and sent to China for manufacturing. It keeps tight quality control and ensures that its power stations are of export standards and meet all quality checks.

Who owns Jackery?

The company is owned by an American electrical company that is recognized and reviewed by 100+ media outlets such as Forbes, TechCrunch, and TechRadar to name a few. With years of experience, it has become a world leader in portable green energy solar power stations and solar generators.

How long does a Jackery battery last?

A Jackery solar generator may last for 5-7 years. The Lithium-ion battery used in it does have a battery life of 500 cycles to 80% capacity. Whereas, 2000 to 2500 cycles to full capacity are used. If used with proper care the battery may last up to 3000 complete cycles. The hardware life is expected to outlive its battery life. Want to replace the battery? Please, visit their official customer service page for more information.

Will a Jackery E500 power a refrigerator?

Jackery E500 can easily power a full-size refrigerator which consumes 120W to 250W at peak. It produces 500W of power at normal use and 1000W at peak surge which is more than enough to power a fridge at home or when camping. It can power a full-size fridge of 120W to 250W up to 4.5 Hours to 2.5 Hours. Mini Cooler of 60W can be powered up to straight 9 hours.

How long does a Jackery E1000 last?

Jackery E1000 consists of a 1002Wh battery that produces 1000 Watts at normal use and 2000 Watt at peak surge. A 1002Wh Lithium-ion battery can last for 5-7 years or 2500 cycles. The Lithium-ion battery life can be extended up to 3000 cycles if used with care. Find the complete details of all solar generators and their battery life in the Goal Zero vs Jackery comparison chart.

Is Jackery a Chinese company?

Jackery is an American company founded in California in 2012. However, their designs are sent to China for manufacturing to cut labor and taxation costs imposed on the material import. It is an international brand whose products meet all international quality checks and fulfill American quality standards.

Jackery how many cycles are in a battery?

It uses Lithium-ion battery in their solar generators which is capable of 2500 cycles and 7 months of shelf life. The battery life can be extended to 3000 cycles if used with extensive care.

Are Jackery generators good?

It is a multinational company expert in producing the best solar generators for home, camping, outdoor activities, and emergency purposes. The brand has been reviewed and recommended by major 100+ media outlets. They have the largest happy customer base and dedicated customer service. On average their solar generators last 6-7 years and with only battery replacement, they become like a new one.

Goal Zero FAQs

What is Goal Zero?

Goal Zero is an American company dedicated to producing renewable green energy portable solar generators and power stations since 2009. Over the 14 years of their journey, they have taken part several times in humanitarian relief and empowerment along with the business. The company takes special care of environmental betterment by reducing carbon emissions and introducing solar-powered power stations.

Are Goal Zero solar panels waterproof?

Goal Zero solar panels are completely waterproof and made to withstand the severe hardship thrown at them by the harsh weather in extreme cold as well as hot humid environment. Their solar panels are made up of Monocrystalline PV cells that capture solar energy and convert them efficiently to electrical power without any weather effects on that. In addition to this, all the solar panels are covered with 2 years of warranty by the vendor.

Which Goal Zero Yeti should I buy?

Goal Zero has a solar generator ranging from Yeti 200X of 120W to Yeti 6000X of 3500 Watt at peak surge. Yeti 1000 Core is the best choice for solar generators for small apartments. If you want to run the whole house on a solar generator, then pick up the Yeti 3000X to cover heavy appliances and run them all at the same time. See the Goal Zero comparison chart above to compare the features, wattages, warranty, and price to find the perfect solar generator to meet all your needs.

How long do Goal Zero batteries last?

Goal Zero uses Lithium-ion batteries in all their solar generators. A Tire-1 Lithium-ion battery can last up to 2500 cycles to 20% of capacity or 5-6 years. However, if used with care the Lithium-ion batteries can last up to 3000 cycles for 6-7 years.

Is Goal Zero worth the money?

Goal Zero is a company dedicated to producing powerful solar generators that have the capability to power light to heavy-weight appliances while getting charged at the same time. The solar generators consist of Lithium-ion batteries with 2500+ cycles or 7 years of life. Goal Zero solar generators provide all the safety features that come as standard. Additionally, DC high-power 12V outlet ports make it convenient to run all your DC appliances as well as significantly extend the battery life. Strong built aluminum case makes it long-lasting, the perfect travel companion, and worth the money.

How to charge Goal Zero?

Goal Zero solar generators have a complete range of compatible solar panels available to get them charged using free, renewable, and green solar energy. Goal Zero power stations can also be charged by AC wall outlet and 12V DC car outlet. Check our charging comparison chart above to learn more about appropriate charging options and charging time respectively.

What is Goal Zero in safety?

Goal Zero ensures proper safety for their solar-powered generators by technologies like Battery management systems (BMS). BMS protects against overvoltage, under voltage, short circuit, thermal protection, overcharge protection, and over-discharge protection. Find out which solar generators offer the best feature in the Goal Zero vs Jackery comparison chart above.





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