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Jackery 500 vs 300 | The Most Efficient

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Comparing Jackery power stations means making a perfect choice and buying the most suitable solar station for all your appliances. The comparison between Jackery 500 vs 300 will let you know which are Jackery generators good and which Jackery to buy for the best performance.

The brand is dedicated to producing export-quality solar generators and power stations. It has been recognized by the majority of solar experts. Jackery was founded and designed in California. However, they are sent to China for manufacturing according to American standards. The results are always the same fulfilling the expectation of thousands of explorers, campers, tourists, and at home.

The company’s solar generators are equipped with state-of-the-art technology such as Battery Management systems, current protection, rapid charging, and slow discharge. Extended warranty and strong as well as compact build ensure that it will last longer and be ready to use every time you run out of power. Additionally, you can expect similar advanced features in these such as MPPT for fast charging, LiFePO4 batteries, and Pure Sine Ware supply for stable power. Here we have covered it all for you under one roof. Let’s dive into the Jackery comparison chart, tables, and data to find out what works perfectly for you.

Jackery 300 Overview

High Portability gives it a clear edge over Jackery 500. This generator is handy and can be easily used for outdoor settings, picnics, on the road, and in tents for camping. 2 AC 110 outlets make it more convenient to keep powered up 2 devices at a time. This means no waiting for getting your devices charged with stable Pure Sine Wave power until the sun sets. There is an additional way of charging by AC wall outlet by USB PD 60W within 2 hours. The compact size and several additional features certainly make it one of the best solar generators.

A perfect solar generator and piece of technology for remote and portable power on the go. Using all the latest and standard technologies makes it one of the best 300-Watt solar generators in the market. It can easily fulfill all your requirement at home during power outages and while traveling. Now you do not have to worry about power when you plan picnics or camping. You have this small but powerful 300W solar power station to power up almost all basic traveling appliances.


✅Light Weight

✅Compact Size

✅USB PD 60W Fast Charging

✅2 AC Power Outlets


❌Not Suitable for Heavy Appliances


❌40% Less Power

❌No DC Outlets

Jackery 500 Overview

Jackery 500W is the second-best choice for customers. With a little increase in size, it’s more powerful than its competitor Jackery Explorer 300. However, there is only a difference in battery wattages and resultantly increased backup power. With 518Wh of power you can power up heavier but almost the same appliances for a longer period. It means that you have 40% more power with you on the go.

2 additional DC outlets ensure that all your camping appliances are well-charged before and after sunset. DC does not lose current and does need not any conversion. Resultantly, you can extract more juice out of its batteries and keep up all your devices for an extended period as compared to the AC outlets.

A 40% of battery means a lot when you are on the road and your mobile phone needs immediate stable power from its original charger provided by the company. The other way you can deteriorate your mobile battery or even burn it is by charging it directly from a car 12V DC outlet with an unstable power supply and a cheap car charger. The size has been kept compact to address all the traveling needs of buyers. You can check high-power 800W solar generators if you have heavy needs to be fulfilled or longer backup power. Here are our ratings


✅Longer Stand by

✅Supports Heavy Appliances

✅2 DC Outlets

✅40% More Power


❌No Mobile APP


❌No USB-C PD 60W

❌Only 1 AC Outlet

Jackery 500 vs 300 Specs Comparison

Jackery 500
Jackery e300
FeaturesJackery 300Jackery 500
Pure Sine WaveYesYes
Mobile APPN/AN/A
Dimensions9.1” L x 5.2” W x 7,8” H11.84″L x 7.59″W x 9.2″H
Weight7.1 Pounds13.3Lbs
AC Recharging Time2.4 Hours2.4 Hours
Solar 100W Panels Recharging Time3.8 Hours9.5 Hours
Wattage300 Watts500W
Watt Hours293 Wh518Wh
Peak Surge500W1000W
AC Voltage110V110V
AC Outlets21
USB Outlets23 USB-A 5V, 2.4A
USB-C Ports1N/A
Recharging Options43
Solar PanelsSaga 100WSaga 100W
Car Output11
DC Input11
DC Output02
PriceJackery E300Jackery E500

Appliance and Power-Up Time Comparison

AppliancesJackery 300Jackery 500
Mobile Phones31 Recharges53 Recharges
Laptop2.5 Recharges4.5 Recharges
Mini Cooler4.5 Hours9 Hours
TV4.5 Hours7.5 Hours
Camera15 Recharges28 Recharges
Drone6 Recharges11 Recharges

Jackery 500 VS 300 Weight Comparison

Jackery 300 weight is 7.1 Pounds. It’s the most compact and travel-friendly solar generator out there on the market. Not only this size weight is best for camping but 293Wh of battery power makes it eligible to be used at home for small appliances. Most of the generator’s weight is the battery power juice.

However, if you want extended backup power and need to run heavy appliances then Jackery 500 is the more suitable one. Jackery 500 Weight mainly consists of its Lithium-Ion batteries to provide you the extended as well as stable power to ensure safety. Nevertheless, it’s a compact and travel-friendly solar generator.

Very important 2 extra DC Outlets in Jackery 500W

Another major difference that you will see is the number of DC outlets in Jackery 500. It has 2 DC outputs which will provide stable Pure Sine Wave 12V power for all your DC appliances. Running appliances on DC ensures Zero conversion loss and longer uptime. An AC fan will give 2 hours of run time. Whereas, a DC fan with the same speed will run for 6-8 hours. This Means 4 to 6 extra hours. In short and long, using DC power with 2 outlets can give you 200x more power backup time. This feature makes Jackery 500 a clear winner.

On the other hand, we do not see any DC outlet in Jackery 300. Which is quite disappointing. Resultantly, it can significantly drain the battery backup time by not bringing in using the DC appliances which can be kept running for a longer time as compared to AC appliances.

Jackery 300W has an extra USB-C PD 60W Port

Jackery 300W solar generator provides USB-C PD 60W. This port is for fast power delivery and rapid charging. Several high-end devices now support fast charging up to 65W and here comes handy the Jackery 300. Whereas, this feature is missing in the 500W variant which contains 3 simple 5V-2.4A USB ports. USB-C PD 60W is an amazing feature for camping purposes where you can get your devices charged with 60W of power within a few minutes.

Difference between AC Outlets

Jackery 300W has two AC outlets that prove to be a very helpful feature while you are camping out in the woods. This helps you keep up 2 devices at the same time and keep the work going without any restrictions.

The only 1 AC outlet in Jackery 500 restricts your freedom to power up 2 appliances at the same time. Consider what if you have to power up an AC refrigerator and a fan simultaneously in a hot summer? The answer is NO. You can only power up 1 appliance at a time.

Difference between Recharging Options

Jackery 300W allows you the convenience of 4 ways of charging. Which means 1 extra method using USB-C PD 60 Port. You can fully charge it using USB-C PD 60W within 2 hours attached to a wall outlet. This makes charging more convenient when you do not have all the cables in the same room.

What is to be noticed in Jackery 500W is that it can be charged only using 3 methods simply with solar panels, a wall AC outlet, and a car DC outlet. This not only limits the charging options but also removes the facility of USB-C PD 60W fast charging. The bigger size could have included a USB-C PD port for supporting fast charging a must-feature for outdoor activities.

Latest technology

Jackery solar generators use the latest technologies similar to other solar generators. The most important feature is the Battery Management System (BMS) that provides for the protection of your generator and the appliances. BMS is included in both the Jackery 500 vs 300 variants. Here is what BMS is:

  1. Over-current Protection
  2. Short-current Protection
  3. Over-discharge Protection
  4. Over-charge Protection
  5. Over-voltage Protection
  6. Thermal Protection

These are the basic and standard protection that all the best 300-Watt and 500-Watt solar generators offer. Jackery 300 and 500 provide all these protection as standard. These protections ensure that your solar generator and appliances are safe and protected by the BMS.

Pure Sine Wave technology is another important and standard feature that our both competitors do offer. With this technology, MPPT amplifies the current and helps charge the solar generators at a very fast speed as compared to simple and PMW generators. Pure Sine Wave provides a stable current flow to make sure that all the appliances running get stable power without any fluctuation.

Price Variation and Value

Jackery 300W comes with the most compact size and the power of a 293Wh battery. All the small appliances (see chart) can be powered up all day long with BMS protection enabled. Strong built and long-lasting life makes it one of the best solar generators and completely worth its price.

Jackery 500 weighs more when it comes to battery power as it provides a total of 518W. That can handle the power of 1000W appliances at peak surge. However, it is recommended to use the generators at 500W maximum consumption to ensure their extended battery life. Jackery 300 vs 500 has only a difference of almost a few hundred bucks. Paying 100 more bucks can get you 40% more power. Therefore, Jackery 500W is completely worth its price and return value.


Nearly all the differences were explored in detail in this ultimate comparison of Jackery 500 vs 300. What appeared that Jackery E300W is the perfect choice for campers and travelers. It can also be used as a reliable solar generator at home. It can easily power all your appliances that use 300W power at a time. Its compact size makes it a perfect choice for outdoor camping.

Jackery 500W solar generator is a clear winner when compared to its price and battery power. Buy with confidence for electrical appliances that consume heavy voltages and for prolonged backup all day long and at night with a powerful 518Wh battery. Apart from being a successful camping generator, it is also a compatible house generator that can run all your basic appliances with ease.


Jackery 500W can with just a 100 bucks difference provide 518Wh and 1000W at peak surge which means 50% more power. Extended battery backup and compact size make it the clear winner with a nominal price difference. Let me know if you have noticed any major difference or want to add to make it the ultimate Jackery 500 vs 300 comparison.

Buying Guide

Price and value

Price comparison is a must before buying a solar generator. If brand A is selling a 300W solar generator that offers all the standard protections, BMS, MPPT, and Pure Sine Wave technology is better as compared to a cheap solar generator without all the above protections and standard features. A solar generator with a higher price and with all the protection is a better choice than spending money getting your cheap generators. See our picks of the best 300W solar generators to buy the best one with confidence and all the above standard features.

The second most important buying tip is to look for all the solar generators that offer all the standard safety, BMS, MPPT, Pure Sine Wave, and LiFePO4 batteries at reasonably priced. I know it’s a difficult task to do when there are hundreds of them on the market. We have made it easy read more about the best solar generators for apartments that include all the features with a nominal price tag.

Latest Technology

Buying a solar generator equipped with all the state-of-the-art technologies is a wise decision as compared to regret while you are in the woods. The latest technology is a must when you buy a good solar generator. Here are the Features which should be seen before clicking on the buy now button.

  1. WIFI Connectivity
  2. Mobile Monitoring APP
  3. Bluetooth Connectivity
  4. BMS
  5. MPPT
  6. Pure Sine Wave
  7. LiFePO4 Batteries

Strong and Compact Build

Solar generators are made specifically for traveling with durability purposes. A Strong build can prolong its durability and endurance to rough usage. Jackery is one of the strong and most reliable solar generators among its competitors. Strong hardened plastic lends it reliability and perseverance from shocks and uses in extreme conditions.

Ease of Use:

Make sure the generator you are buying offers convenient onboard features. Having a maximum number of outlet ports, an emergency light, fast USB charging, Wireless charging, and the best cooling system in place are some of the most looked-after features.


How does a Jackery solar generator work?

Jackery Solar generators work on green solar energy. Photovoltaic panels convert solar energy to electrical energy and charge the generator without any electricity bills. Read more about how a solar generator works with complete principles including the latest BMS, MPPT, and Pure Sine Wave technology.

Will a Jackery 500W power a refrigerator?

Yes, it does power a refrigerator. A normal full-size home refrigerator requires 120W minimum to 250W of maximum electricity. Whereas this generator can easily handle 1000W at peak surge with the MPPT and pure sine wave technology. Included that BMS, powering a full-size fridge conveniently. Want to learn more? Here is the complete guide and best solar generators for refrigerators, freezers, and fridges.

How much does the Jackery 500 weigh?

It weighs 13.3 Lbs or 6Kg. It has been designed perfectly keeping in view the mix of camping and the use at homes. The generator is 30% heavier but 40% smaller than similar 500W solar generators in the market. This 30% extra weight

How long does a Jackery last?

The Jackery power stations last longer than its competitors in the market. Strong built quality and Lithium-ion battery provide it the endurance that can bear with every time you plan a camping or use it at home.

How much time for Jackery Warranty?

Jackery usually offers 30 Days money back warranty. However, their general product warranty extends to 2-years. Customers can claim a warranty if that is covered by their official terms and conditions. Has your Jackery warranty ended? Don’t worry, get your warranty extended by following a few easy steps.

Is Jackery a Chinese company

Jackery is made and designed in California. That is sent to China where Jackery has its manufacturers. This procedure, however, does not compromise on their quality and design as per the USA standards.

Jackery was manufactured in California?

Jackery designs are made in the USA and then sent to China for manufacturing. The company ensures that every product is made that meets the USA-made standards including components and overall built quality. Read more about purely indigenously made in the USA solar generators.

Are Jackery generators good?

Jackery solar generators have made their top space in the market and stand out from the competition. It’s a dedicated company that focuses on quality, reliability, and after-sales relationships with its customers. An indigenous purely USA company that cares about keeping the environment clean and green.

Are Jackery batteries replaceable?

Yes, Jackery entertains battery replacement requests with small replacement and courier charges. Jackery has a dedicated and professional customer service team in place to tackle after-sales services. Call their Toll-Free Number 1-888-502-2236 only for USA customers. Write an email for a quick response at hello@jackery.com to enquire about the replacement of batteries.

When was Jackery founded?

Jackery was founded in California in 2012. Now Jackery is a recognized product and has become an international product. The final samples and designs are then sent to China for manufacturing purposes.

Who makes Jackery’s portable power station?

Jackery is made by an American company that has to its credit Innovation and Design awards. Additionally, they are present in over 100+ media like New York Times, Forbes, and CNET worldwide. Visit their official contact us page for more information.





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