Rockpals vs Jackery

Rockpals vs Jackery | Which One is the Best Solar Power Generator?

Solar power packs play an important role in charging the devices of outdoor enthusiasts. They are reliable sources of renewable energy and are reasonable for all. Many portable solar power stations are available in the market. But are you curious to select the best one that makes your outdoor experience good? Look no more!

This article will walk you through in-depth knowledge regarding portable solar panels Rockpals (300W/280Wh) and Jackery Explorer (200W, 240Wh). We will walk you through the explanation of the most burning query, which is the best solar power generator, and in-depth comparisons of two brands: Rockpals vs Jackery.

Both brands are excellent in quality. Their users are highly satisfied and give good ratings and reviews. If you want to buy the best solar pack for your upcoming adventure, this guide is the best piece to read. So, keep calm and get ready for your next camping trip!

Rockpals 300W vs Jackery Explorer 240: Affordable Power Packs 

What’s in the Box? Let us have a look!

FeatureRockpals 300W Portable Power PackJackery Portable Power Pack
Power Capacity280Wh (78000mAh)240Wh
Included AccessoriesAC Charging Adapter, Car Charger Cable, Warranty Card, Safety Precautions Card, User Guide, Quick Start CardAC Adaptor and AC cable, DC to 12V cable, User Guide
Output PortsMultiple (AC, USB, DC)Multiple (AC, USB, DC)
WeightLighterSlightly Heavier
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price
Rockpals vs Jackery features – Explore Portable Power Station Showdown

Physical Differences between Rockpals vs Jackery

Rockpals products have a very unique look. Its products carry about 7.7 lbs weight and 10 ports of different sizes and shapes. At the top, Rockpals made the LCD display for its stunning look and super functioning. Its structure is like a portable soundbox. They can be charged with solar panels and AC wall chargers. The more convenient source to charge with any 12V charger. 

Jakery has only four ports. It’s weight is only 6.6 Ibs. Its display is super like a Rockpals brand, having LCD. This solar pack can be changed with a solar panel and 2V Car adapter. They can energize with an AC Wall Outlet. The physical difference between Jackery vs Rockpals shows that Jackery is superior to Rockpals. The solar packs of Rockpals offer double ports and flexibility only. 

1. AC Power 

The Rockpals 300 and Jackery Explorer 240 have a maximum AC power of 300W and 600W respectively.

2. DC Ports 

Rockpals 300 has 3 DC ports, 3 x 12V/4A, 1 x 24V/3A, 1 x 12V/8A, and Jackery Explorer 240 has 1 x 13.3V, up to 10A.

3. USB Ports 

Rockpals 300 has 2 USB 3.0 and 2 USB 2.1A ports, while Jackery Explorer 240 has 2 USB-A ports.

Battery Capacity and Power

Rockpals 300 has a 300W power output. Its battery capacity is 280Wh. It is suitable for energizing many electronic devices such as mini-refrigerators, CPAP, laptops, LCD TVs, and fans. Its larger battery capacity allows its users for longer device usage. You can use your laptops and cell phones many days without charging if you do it once. 

On the other hand, let’s talk about jackery. It has limited power capacity. For those devices that need more than 200W, the jackery option is not suitable. Jackery offers a surge capacity of 400W. Rockpals is better than Jackery. Rockpals have a larger capacity and can energize many electronics having large power. But jackery cannot.

Charging Capabilities of Rockpals and Jackery Explorer

Rockpals vs Jackery Explorer charging methods are AC wall chargers, solar panels, and car chargers. Let’s explore the given below: 

Rockpals 300 Charging Methods with Times 

  • AC Wall charger charges the device in 6-7 hours
  • Car Charger charges the device for 6-7 hours
  • Solar Panel in 5-7 hours (100W)

Jackery Explorer Charging Methods and Times

  • AC Wall charger in 8 hours
  • Car Charger in 8 hours
  • Solar Panel in 10 hours (60W)

Pricing and CPAP Backup Time

The Rockpals 300W is available at very cheap rates in the market. It is more affordable than the Jackery. It is not only a cost-effective option for budget-conscious buyers but also the best choice for energy storage. If we talk about Price per Watt-Hour, rockpal offers a better deal at $0.83 per watt-hour compared to Jackery’s $1.04. 

The Rockpals 300W and Jackery Explorer 240 offer 3.5 and 3 nights of backup power for CPAP machines. Respectively, both provide essential half-nights for continuous power during camping trips or emergencies.

Why Choose Jackery?

If you are looking for a lightweight and reliable than Jackery is a better choice. Its lighter weight and brand reputation make it a preferred option for many users. 

Solar Panel Support for Both Brands 

The Rockpals power station has the capability of supporting solar panels up to 100 watts. It offers faster recharging speed as compared to the Jackery’s 60 watts. It is more convenient for extended off-grid use in sunny conditions. On sunny days, Rockpals work more speedily than Jackery. If you are interested in buying more solar packs, visit Bluetti vs EcoFlow.

Why Choose Rockpals?

The Rockpals 300W is the better option if you need large power capacity, a greater number of ports, faster solar charging, and a better price per watt-hour.


Which one is better: Rockpals vs Jackery?

Jackery Explorer is a lighter, less expensive, and more reliable portable power station compared to Rockpals 300W. It weighs 6.6 lbs. This company is more user-friendly and has more positive reviews. Its reputation for quality products and reliable customer service makes it a preferred choice for many users.

Is Jackery the best power bank?

Jackery is ideal for charging mobile devices and running mini-fridges. The Jackery Solar Generator Kit 4000 is a top-rated portable power station with a 3000-watt output.  

Is RockPals an American company?

California-based Rockpals is a reputable American manufacturer of rechargeable solar panels and portable power stations.  

How long does the Jackery last?

Jackery portable power packs have a lifespan of 10-30 years. They are based on high-capacity lithium batteries and perform efficient operation for 500 full charge cycles.

Can you replace a Jackery battery?

The Jackery battery should not be replaced by the user for safety and to avoid damage. Hire any professional for this. Otherwise, this would void the manufacturer’s warranty.

Final Verdict – Rockpals vs Jackery

This article covers an easy guide for the ultimate comparison between two portable power packs: Rockpals vs Jackery.  When comparing the Portable Power Stations, several factors need to be considered to determine which is the best solar power generator for your needs such as lightweight, charging speed, number of ports, and brand reviews. 

Both brands have their strengths. Whether you need higher capacity and more ports, your choice depends on your specific needs. They are reliable brands. Rockpals offer a larger battery, higher power rating, and 100W solar panel input. Jackery is more popular for aesthetics or brand names. 






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