BLUETTI vs Jackery

BLUETTI vs Jackery: Everything You Need to Know

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The BLUETTI vs Jackery is a comparison between two giant producers of the best solar generators and powerful power stations. Which solar generator you should buy is a tricky question when the comparison is between the best of the best. Both competitors have huge customer bases and it is difficult to find out the perfect one with all the latest as well as advanced features.

If you are up to buying a solar generator and need a complete comparison, you have landed on the right page. Here you will find all the specifications and step-by-step comparison of all the differences as well as differences of BLUETTI VS Jackery power stations and solar generators.

Solar generators are relatively new and capture the generators’ market at a fast pace. Solar power stations have completely shifted buyers’ focus because of their free, renewable, and green energy. I have compiled a complete list of both brands to compare them easily and find out the one that may suit all your needs and budget.

What you will find next in this comparison?

  1. BLUETTI Overview
  2. Jackery Overview
  3. Individual Comparison 1 vs 1
  4. 7 Major Differences BLUETTI VS Jackery
  5. Conclusion
  6. Comprehensive Buying Guide
  7. FAQs

BLUETTI Overview

BLUETTI is a major brand in the industry of solar generators and they have a wide range of solar generators. Their solar generator range can fulfill all your needs from camping, traveling, or use at home. They have a complete range available.

BLUETTI power stations have been reviewed by major media outlets such as Forbes, CNET, TechRadar, and New York Post. Additionally, visit BLUETTI registered products page to ensure that your solar generator is covered by their warranty completely. The company offers easy-to-claim warranty and customer-friendly customer services.

All the BLUETTI power stations come with LiFePO4 batteries that provide more life cycles and prolong life as compared to Lithium-ion batteries in cheap solar generators. In addition to this BLUETTI ensures high quality with state-of-the-art features to support and keep running all your appliances at the same time.

Let’s take a deep dive into the BLUETTI solar generators and then compare its competitor. These solar generators are the best for your apartment, home, and for camping out in the woods.

BLUETTI Solar Generators Specs

Here is a complete chart of BLUETTI solar generator specifications including all the models and variants. It’s the most helpful chart on the internet to compare all the models of BLUETTI VS Jackery. Hope you will find it helpful to compare and find the best model that suits all your needs:

NameWattsPeak SurgeBattery WattagesBMSMPPTBatteryPure Sine WaveBattery LifeWireless ChargingMOBILE APPWarranty
BLUETTI AC20100W200W200WhLithium-Polymer1000+1 Year
BLUETTI AC50S300w600W500WhLithium-ion1000+1x10W2 Years
BLUETTI EB3A600W1200w268WhLiFePO42500+1x15W2 Years
BLUETTI EB55700W1400W537WhLiFePO42500+1x15W2 Years
BLUETTI EB70S800W1400W716WhLiFePO42500+1x15W2 Years
BLUETTI EB2401000W1500W2400WhLithium-Ion2500+2 Years
BLUETTI EB1201000w1500w1200WLiFePO42500+2 Years
BLUETTI EB1501000W1200W1500WhLiFePO42500+2 Years
BLUETTI AC200P2000W4800W2000WhLiFePO43500+2x15W2 Years
BLUETTI AC200 MAX2200W4800W2048WhLiFePO43500+2x15W2 Years
BLUETTI EP500   2000W4800W5100WhLiFePO46000+2x15W5 Years
BLUETTI EP500 Pro3000W6000W5100WhLiFePO46000+2x15W5 Years
BLUETTI EP600 Pro6000W6000W4960WhLiFePO46000+10 Years
BLUETTI AC300 +B3003000W6000W3072WhLiFePO43500+2x15W4 Years
BLUETTI AC500+B3005000W10000W3072WhLiFePO43500+2x15W4 Years

What can a BLUETTI power?

BLUETTI manufactures a wide range of solar generators that can power all your appliances. It can meet all your energy needs at home while traveling, reliable RV van setup, and when you are camping out there in the woods.

BLUETTI has free and green power that will provide continuous power to all appliances tapping solar power all day long and at night with strong LiFePO4 batteries. Here is a list to get a general idea of what can a BLUETTI power.


NameMobile 10WLaptop 60WMini Fridgeee 60WTV 80WProjector 100WDesktop PC 300WHair Dryer 1600WCoffee Maker 2000WAC 8000BTU
BLUETTI AC2012 Charges2 Charges2 Hours1.5 Hours1.2 Hours
BLUETTI AC50S40 Charges7 Charges7 Hours5 Hours4 Hours1.3 Hours
BLUETTI EB3A25 Charged4 Charged4 Hours3 Hours2 Hours1 Hour
BLUETTI EB5550 Charges8 Charges8 Hours6 Hours5 Hours2.5 Hours
BLUETTI EB70S65 Charges10 Charges11 Hours8 Hours6 Hours3 Hours
BLUETTI EB240190 Charges32 Charges33 Hours23 Hours19 Hours6 Hours1.2 Hours1 Hour
BLUETTI EB120150 Charges25 Charges25 Hours18 Hours15 Hours5 Hours0.9 Hour0.7 Hour
BLUETTI EB150156 Charges26 Charges26 Hours19 Hours16 Hours6 Hours1 Hour0.8 Hours
BLUETTI AC200P170 Charges28 Charges28 Hours20 Hours17 Hours8.5 Hours1.2 Hours0.9 Hours2 Hours
BLUETTI AC200 MAX170 Charges28 Charges28 Hours20 Hours17 Hours8.5 Hours1.2 Hours0.9 Hours2 Hours
BLUETTI EP500 410 Charges60 Charges60 Hours45 Hours38 Hours20 Hours2.8 Hours170 Cups5 Hours
BLUETTIEP500Pro410 Charges60 Charges60 Hours45 Hours38 Hours20 Hours2.8 Hours170 Cups5 Hours
BLUETTI EP600 Pro400 Charges55 Charges55 Charges40 Hours33 Hours15 Hours2 Hours160 Cups3 Hours
BLUETTI AC300 +B300261 Charges43 Charges43 Hours32 Hours26 Hours13 Hours1.7 Hours87 Cups3 Hours
BLUETTI AC500+B300261 Charges43 Charges43 Charges32 Hours26 Hours13 Hours1.7 Hours87 Cups3 Hours


✅LiFePO4 Batteries


✅Wireless Charging Support

✅Mobile Connectivity


❌No Waterproofing

❌Heavy Weight LiFePO4 Battery

❌Plastic Body

❌No 12V High-Power Ports

Jackery Overview

Jackery is a giant solar generator manufacturer that enjoys a huge happy customers base worldwide. Built using advanced Battery Management systems (BMS) and the latest technologies makes it is one of the best solar generators available in the market as compared to Jackery alternatives. In this BLUETTI vs Jackery comparison, all the specifications of both companies have been compared to find out which Jackery to buy.

The company was founded in California in 2012 dedicated to producing top-selling power stations that are sold worldwide. 10 Years of experience is what makes Jackery the best out in the market. You do not have to go anywhere or outsource any accessory if you buy one of their solar generators which comes with all indigenous accessories.

The company makes all the accessories required to run a solar generator without any problem such as solar panel connectors, DC extension cable, Automotive clip cable, compatible solar panels, and carrying bags. Following is the table chart for Jackery Solar Generators complete specification:

Jackery Specs

It is a must to compare all the main specs of different variants to find the best solar generator that may fulfill all your needs. The list comprises of main Jackery solar generator specifications that are instrumental for picking the right one compatible with the budget and requirements. You can compare any of the main features using the list below. All the statistics are present on Jackery’s official website.

NameWattsPeakBattery WattageBMSMPPTPure Sine WaveBatteryBattery CyclesWireless ChargingMobile APPWarranty
Jackery E160100W150W167WhLithium-ion500 Cycles to 80% Capacity2 Years
Jackery E240200W400W240WhLithium-ion500 Cycles to 80% Capacity2 Years
Jackery E300300W500W293WhLithium-ion500 Cycles to 80% Capacity2 Years
Jackery E500500W1000W518WhLithium-ion500 Cycles to 80% Capacity2 Years
Jackery E10001000W2000W1002WhLithium-ion500 Cycles to 80% Capacity2 Years
Jackery E1000 Pro1000W2000W1002WhLithium-ion500 Cycles to 80% Capacity2 Years
Jackery E15001800W3600W1534WhLithium-ion500 Cycles to 80% Capacity2 Years
Jackery E2000 Pro2200W4400W2160WhLithium-ion1000 Cycles to 80% Capacity3 Years

What can a Jackery Power?

The most powerful state and longer run time can be achieved when using Jackery with solar panels all day long. These generators can get charged and can be used at the same time without any harm to it.

It is nearly impossible to measure the power consumption of all the electrical appliances using these powerful solar generators. However, we have compiled a list of general electrical appliances that are used normally at camping, picnics, and at home during power outages.

AppliancesE160E240E300E500E1000E1500E2000 Pro
Phone16 Charges24 Charges31 Charges53 Charges100 Charges150 Charges200 Charges
Camera5 Charges10 Charges15 Charges15 Charges50 Charges75 Charges90 Charges
Drone2 Charges4 Charges6 Charges6 Charges17 Charges25 Charges32 Charges
Laptop1.5 Charges2 Charges2.5 Charges4.5 Charges8 Charges12 Charges17 Charges
Light10 Hours21 Hours24 Hours38 Hours76 Hours115 Hours165 Hours
Fan7 Hours15 Hours20 Hours30 Hours57 Hours80 Hours110 Hours
Mini Cooler1.5 Hours4 Hours5 Hours9 Hours17 Hours26 Hours35 Hours
TV1.5 Hours3.5 Hours4.5 Hours7.5 Hours13 Hours21 Hours30 Hours
Coffee Maker50 Mins75 Mins173 Mins
Electric Grill50 Mins75 Mins173 Mins


✅Best Rated Solar Generators

✅Uses Advance Technology

✅Reliable and Long Lasting

✅Light Weight


❌No LiFePO4 Batteries

❌No Mobile Application

❌No 12V High-Volt DC input

❌No DC Outlets

Individual Comparisons 1 vs 1

Although, you can compare any of the solar generators of both the companies by the comparison charts above. However, for further understanding, I have compared 3 power stations in this individual comparison of BLUETTI VS Jackery which will include the solar generators of both companies with almost equal wattages and features.

This will allow you to take a glimpse of the features, and technology used. For complete understanding please visit their respective comparison page.

1. BLUETTI AC50s VS Jackery E500


See the BLUETTI AC50s VS Jackery E500 comparison page to have a complete understanding of each difference. In the complete comparison, I have discussed each difference in detail and step by step. That will allow you to comprehend all the major differences between BLUETTI AC50s and Jackery e500

FeaturesBLUETTI AC50sJackery e500
Peak Surge600W1000W
Battery Wattages500Wh518Wh
Battery Life Cycles1000+500+ Cycles to 80%
Battery TechnologyLithium-ionLithium-ion
Pure Sine Wave
Charging Options43
Solar PanelsBLUETTI SP120SolarSaga 100W
Charging Time on Solar5-6 Hours7.5 Hours
Charging Time on AC Outlet6 Hours5.5 Hours
Charging Time 12V DC Car Outlet6 Hours5.5 Hours
Charging Time Generator6 Hours
DC Input Port11
DC High Volt Input Port
DC Outlets22
DC High Volt Outlet
AC Outlets21
USB-A Type43
USB-C Type1
Wireless Charging1x10W
Mobile Application
Flash Light
Dimensions11.6*7.5*7.7 in11.84″L x 7.59″W x 9.2″H
Warranty2 Years2 Years
PriceBLUETTI AC50sJackery e500

2. BLUETTI EB150 VS Jackery E1000

FeaturesBLUETTI EB150Jackery e1000
Peak Surge1200W2000W
Battery Wattages1500Wh1002Wh
Battery Life Cycles2500+500+ Cycles to 80%
Battery TechnologyLiFePO4Lithium-ion
Pure Sine Wave
Charging Options33
Solar PanelsBLUETTI SP2002xSolarSaga100
Charging Time on Solar10 Hours8 Hours
Charging Time on AC Outlet10 Hours7 Hours
Charging Time 12V DC Car Outlet15 Hours14 Hours
Generator Charging Time
DC Input port11
DC High Volt Input Port1
DC Outlets
DC High Volt Outlet
AC Outlets23
USB-A Type42
USB-C Type12
Wireless Charging
Mobile Application
Flash Light
Dimensions14.6″L x 14.4″W x 6.5″H13.1*9.2*11.1
Warranty2 Years2 Years
PriceBLUETTI EB150Jackery e1000

3. BLUETTI AC200P VS Jackery E2000 Pro

FeaturesBLUETTI AC200PJackery e2000 Pro
Peak Surge4800W4400W
Battery Wattages2000Wh2160Wh
Battery Life Cycles3500+ Cycles to 80% Capacity1000 Cycles to 80% Capacity
Battery TechnologyLiFePO4Lithium-ion
Pure Sine Wave
Charging Options53
Solar Panels2xPV3506xSolarSaga200
Charging Time on Solar4 Hours2.5 Hours
Charging Time on AC Outlet4.5 Hours2 Hours
Charging Time 12V DC Car Outlet20 Hours24 Hours
Generator Charging Time4.5 Hours
DC Input port11
DC High Volt Input Port
DC Outlets2
DC High Volt Outlet
AC Outlets63
USB-A Type42
USB-C Type12
Wireless Charging2x15W
Mobile Application
Flash Light
Dimensions16.5 x 11 x 15.2 in15.5″L x 8.1″W x 10.2″H
Warranty2+2 Years3+2 Years
PriceBLUETTI AC200PJackery e2000 Pro

7 – Major Differences BLUETTI VS Jackery

Finally, it the time to compare the major differences in BLUETTI VS Jackery comparison. These major differences will equip you with the knowledge to make a better shopping choice that may fulfill all your power needs while keeping in view the budget.

1. Wide Range


BLUETTI offers a wide range of best solar generators that range from BLUETTI AC20 100 Watt to BLUETTI AC500+B300 10000W peak surge inverters. With minimum battery power of 200Wh to 5100Wh inbuilt LiFePO4 batteries.

This makes BLUETTI a reliable and perfect choice for all the power needs on the go. All the solar generators are made using MPPT technology to boost the power to 3X when it comes to charging and supplying the power to appliances.

BLUETTI AC20 is a perfect fit for smaller appliances. Which can handle from 100W to 200W of appliances like charging mobile phones, laptops, cameras, and WIFI dongles.

Whereas, BLUETTI AC500+B300 is the top-line variant and is included in the best solar generators for the whole house. It can power up all the appliances in a home like a refrigerator, oven, washing machines, and all the heavy appliances all day long and at night.


Jackery offers the best solar generators for camping as well as the whole house. The range includes Jackery E160 100W to Jackery E2000 Pro which has an inverter that can handle the peak surge of 4400W.  Jackery e160 is a perfect travel companion and the best portable solar generator that can power up all the small appliances that you use daily.

On the other hand, Jackery e2000 Pro with the capability of handling 4400W peak surge is the best choice and an alternative for BLUETTI solar generators for small apartments that can easily handle appliances like refrigerator, TV, WIFI router, and keeps all your small devices powered up.

2. LiFePO4 Batteries


BLUETTI has done a commendable job when it comes to the battery selection which makes it the best alternative to Jackery. Almost, all the BLUETTI solar generators have built-in Lithium-Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries that have an extended life, BMS, fast charging, and slow discharge benefits.

The range extends from the minimum BLUETTI EB3A with a 268Wh to BLUETTI EP 500 Pro with a 5100Wh of LiFePO4 battery to fulfill all the requirements of a house. There are numerous benefits of a LiFePO4 battery that gives it an upper hand over its competitors like Lithium-ion and acid lead batteries.

Except for the BLUETTI AC20 and AC50s all other BLUETTI solar generators have LiFePO4 installed batteries which makes them eligible for enhanced battery performance, extended shelf life, as well as extended warranty.


Their budget solar generator Jackery E160 has a built-in Lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 167Wh to Jackery E2000 Pro which offers 2160Wh of Lithium-ion battery to keep all your appliances for small apartments.

Their solar generators come with BMS technology that helps them to use the battery juice efficiently with fast charging and slow discharge. With 500+ battery cycles to 80% of the original battery.

3. Mobile Application


8 out of 15 BLUETTI solar generators have the support of mobile applications. Solar generators with mobile connectivity applications are best rated-and loved by travelers and campers. They can monitor all the statistics like battery charging level, charging status, and power consumption of appliances while on the road.

Remote monitoring makes BLUETTI power stations a perfect choice for and the best-rated solar generators for refrigerators, washing machines, ovens, grills, blenders, and similar heavy electrical appliances of the whole house. Monitoring can help you use the battery juice efficiently and prolong the battery life, especially on cloudy days.

Click here to download the Jackery Android application and IOS application.


It is sad to observe that none of the Jackery solar generators have a mobile application to download despite being one of the most popular power stations out there in the market. Where the lack of mobile monitoring earns Jackery lower ratings, there it has a traditional advantage over alternatives to Jackery.

No mobile connectivity does not require you to take out the mobile and monitor the statistics. Instead, you can get accustomed to monitoring it directly from the screen sitting in your camp without any hassle.

4. Wireless Charging


10 out of 15 BLUETTI Solar Generators do support fast wireless charging of a maximum of up to 15W. Several of them have 2 separate 15W wireless charging pads to charge 2 mobiles at a time.

The wireless charging feature makes BLUETTI one of the most travel-friendly portable solar generators that allows you to charge wirelessly on the go and say goodbye to the strings attached.

It makes BLUETTI stand out in the market and makes them one of the best solar generators out there in the market that offers fast and regulated wireless charging in most of their power stations.


It is disappointing to note that Jackery does not offer this important wireless charging feature in any of its solar generators. Wireless charging is one of the standard features and increasingly becoming a normal way of charging smart devices.

Missing the wireless charging feature significantly makes it ineligible for traveling. We hope that a big company like Jackery will start providing this basic feature in their future models.

5. Screen Quality


Similarly, BLUETTI has done a good job of quality monitoring digital-colored displays. It not only makes screen reading interesting but also convenient for constant monitoring. Additionally, it looks attractive and beautiful when placed in the store room or out in the woods.

BLUETTI solar generators with higher watts come with a touch screen that allows you to monitor eco mode, normal mode, output watts, input watts, AC watts, power consumptions, data, and control settings.

This makes evident how much BLUETTI is devoted attention to details and to producing user-friendly, convenient, and long-lasting powerful solar generators.


Except for Jackery 1000 Pro, E1500, and E2000 Pro all other variants comes with a simple black-and-white digital screen that offers all the basic features for monitoring purpose.

Jackery has used the black and white digital display in almost all of their solar generators when the colored screen is becoming a new normal. However, this simple digital screen allows you to monitor all the essential details like battery charging level, charging status, remaining power, and fulfill all the basic purposes.

6. More Charging Ports


More ports more convenient. A few additional ports can keep your journey rolling without any problems or limitations. BLUETTI ensures that all your appliances are powered while the solar generator is being charged simultaneously.

All the BLUETTI power stations have more AC and USB outlets as compared to its competitors. One of the top variants BLUETTI AC200P with 2000Wh of battery backup has to offers 6xAC outlets, 4xUSB-A Type, 1xUSB-C Type, 2x15W Wireless Charging pads, and 4xDC outlets all regulated pure sine wave to handle the peak surge of even 4800 of Watts.

If you want to buy a good solar generator that can power all the appliances at a time then go for BLUETTI confidently.


In the comparison between BLUETTI VS Jackery, the latter earned more ratings. The Jackery e2000 Pro with the same battery capacity of 2160Wh (see table) offers only 3 AC ports, 1 DC outlet, 2 USB-C, and 2 USB-A type ports.

The difference is easily noticeable. BLUETTI has to offer almost double the number of ports and a better alternative to Jackery. Whereas, Jackery has half the number of ports which adds to the inconvenience greatly while traveling.

7. Price Difference


Similarly, BLUETTI is a clear winner when compared price-wise. A BLUETTI AC200P has an inverter that can handle 2000W to 4800 watts at peak surge and a batter capacity of 2000Wh only for a few more bucks.

A clear cost reduction of a few dollars as compared to other BLUETTI alternatives with the same specifications. Saving a few bucks means you are paying the delivery charges and getting a reliable solar generator at a reasonable price.


Jackery is a good portable solar generator with a sleek design specifically for campers. A Strong build makes it tough and long-lasting. However, with no LiFePO4 batteries, a smaller number of outlet ports, no mobile app, and no wireless charging makes this higher price is unreasonable.

Jackery’s alternative BLUETTI has more to offer in little price. If you want to pay a higher price then Jackery will enjoy higher reliability with its strong build and travel-friendly design.


In the comparison between Jackery VS BLUETTI, BLUETTI stands as a clear winner. The decision and the ratings have been made keeping in view the battery, technology, built, reliability, feature, and connectivity.

We have seen above the major differences between both the tough competitors that make BLUETTI a clear winner. BLUETTI offers a better LiFePO4 battery with more outlet ports, wireless charging ports, and mobile applications for almost all of its solar generators.

I highly recommend the BLUETTI solar generators to make the most out of your money and to be on the safe side for the long term.

Buying Guide

This BLUETTI VS Jackery buying guide will equip you with the essential knowledge of buying one of the best solar generators for refrigerators, washers, grills, camping, or even for the whole house. This is the one guide written using the data gathered during research on solar generators and allows you to make a wise shopping decision.

1. Advance Technology

mentioned below has become a standard in all the best solar generators out there in the market. Must look for these technology features before buying one.

a. Pure Sine Wave

Pure Sine Wave makes a solar generator to supply a stable current to appliances. As shown in the chart above a stable current is flowing without any fluctuation. This greatly safe the life of all electrical appliances and that of the power station.

A stable current is what significantly extends the battery life by using the battery juice efficiently. The lower current loss ensures that the power is used stably and wisely for all the appliances.


MPPT is another important feature that is a must in a solar generator and has become a standard feature. Most important, MPPT can give a boost of 3x to the power received by the Photovoltaic cells of the solar panels.

Additionally, an MPPT-enabled converter, in the same fashion, can supply a boosted 3x current power to all the attached appliances with the inverter. Not only this, but an MPPT can also help charge the batteries by reducing the charging time to 3 times. If the battery takes 3 hours to get fully charged, an MPPT inverter can charge that only in 1 hour of time.

Want a strong and long-lasting powerful solar generator? An ordinary Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) inverter has half the life of an inverter with an MPPT controller. Heavy loss of current that a PWM controller cannot handle results in extensive heat, wear and tear, and melting of components. This reduces the life of an inverter and requires buying another one.

c. BMS

Solar generators with Battery Management Systems (BMS) have numerous advantages that significantly extend the life of a power station. Here are the few essential benefits of a BMS controller that takes proper care of the battery.

  • Under voltage protection
  • Over voltage protection
  • Under current protection
  • Over current protection
  • Thermal protection
  • Individual battery cell protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Overcharge protection
  •  Over-discharge protection

Hence, BMS protection is a must that ensures the safety, extended life, and that of the appliances at the same time.

2. LiFePO4 Battery

LiFePO4 batteries have 4x more life cycles as compared to the normal Lithium-ion battery. To name a few of the LiFePO4 batteries such as fast charging, longer life span, slow discharge, stable current, lightweight, and no maintenance.

These advantages do come with an additional cost. LiFePO4 batteries are slightly higher in price as compared to traditional Acid Lead and Lithium-ion batteries. It could be a long-term and one-time investment that is worth the money as well as the quality.

3. On-Board Feature | More Ports x more convenience

On-board features become a reason to buy or not to buy a solar generator. Must look for these onboard features before making a purchase.

a. DC Outlet Ports

DC ports are essential for a prolonged battery backup. Running DC appliances significantly saves the battery from DC to AC conversion loss. 30% of the current power is lost in conversion which means you can extract only 70% of the battery juice when running AC appliances.

If a 100 Watt AC fan runs for 1 hour on a 100Wh battery, there a 50W DC fan would run for 3 Hours with the same air pressure and intensity.

Before buying a solar generator make sure that it provides at least 2 DC outlets port for a long-lasting battery backup.

b. The number of AC Ports

The number of AC ports is also an important factor in buying a power station. More AC ports allow you to power up all your appliances at the same time and use the maximum of solar energy in the daytime.

AC ports are also important when you are traveling and want to keep all your devices charged while on the road or in the woods.

c. USB-C Type Ports

USB-C Type is increasingly replacing the old traditional USB-A type. All new electrical devices now support only USB-C Type charging. Make sure the solar generators you bought support USB-C type charging to shop for a long-term companion.

d. Wireless charging

Wireless charging has replaced the traditional methods of charging devices with strings attached. Now all the advance and best solar generators offer wireless charging in all their variants.

A wireless charger means everything when you are camping or on the road. It adds to the convenience and makes your journey hassle-free. Therefore, make sure the solar power station you are buying does have a wireless charger for your devices.

e. 12V High-Power DC Input & Outlet ports

12V High-power port is an additional advantage in a solar generator. It can charge the batteries with higher voltages which will reduce the recharging time. Similarly, the DC 12V High-Power port can charge the devices ensuring that they are charged much quicker as compared to the normal DC outlet ports.

3. Mobile Connectivity

Solar generators with mobile applications make it more convenient to monitor all on the go. You do not have to check it manually. With remote monitoring, you can check the battery level, charging status, voltages, and live consumption, and view recorded data all from the palm of your hand.

Get access to all the data from anywhere in the world by just downloading a mobile application into your smartphone. It can also be helpful while you are driving, camping, or using your solar generator as a UPS at home.

4. Size and Portability

Last but not least, the size and the portability of a power station do matter a lot and have long-term consequences. Choose one that may fit perfectly to your needs. Small size is a good go if you travel a lot and do camping.

Consider buying mid-size RV vans and homes on wheels. It will not use much space and you can easily shift it from place to place from time to time.

Big-size solar generators are only for those who travel or camp occasionally and also use them at home as a backup during power outages.



How to contact the BLUETTI customer service team?

Contact BLUETTI customer service by giving them a call at +1 702 463 4792 or +1 833 737 1296 from Monday to Friday during working hours.

For detailed queries, please at BLUETTI’s customer service email address To learn more, please visit their official Contact Us page to reach out to their sales, shipping, press, wholesales, and shipping departments.

How to make a BLUETTI warranty claim and get a refund?

The company will ask for valid proof of purchase before you make any warranty claim. The company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Write an email to their customer service email address and provide the details of your product.

Register your BLUETTI solar generator on the official website to avail yourself of the warranty. Non-registered products’ warranties will be considered void. Before making a claim, please read the Terms & Conditions for complete understanding.

How to extend the BLUETTI warranty?

BLUETTI’s extended warranty is applicable to their supported products only. The warranty can be extended up to 2 more years in addition to the initial warranty period.

The process may require to fill the warranty extension form and submitting the warranty extension form via email to get the warranty extended.

How to download the BLUETTI user manual?

Download the BLUETTI user manual for solar generators to operate it as properly. The company produces a user manual for each of its power stations along with the box. Operating the solar generators against the guidance provided in the user manual may render the warranty null and void.

How to connect BLUETTI solar panels?

Connect BLUETTI solar panels using the MC4 connector and wire only provided by the company along with the solar generators. Purchase extra solar panels connector with cables to have a spear cable in times of need.

Always use the original BLUETTI accessories to avoid trespassing on any official Terms & Conditions stipulated by the company.

Are BLUETTI solar panels waterproof?

Yes, BLUETTI solar panels are IP65 splash-proof. Do not use solar panels in rain or snow. Note that BLUETTI solar panels cannot be installed on the roof permanently.

These solar panels are portable and can be used occasionally during camping and electricity outages at home. 

Where are BLUETTI solar generators made?

BLUETTI organization was founded in July in California. The solar generators are designed in the USA and sent to China for manufacturing purposes. All the products are approved by the USA quality control authority to ensure reliability, quality, and endurance.

Which BLUETTI will run a refrigerator?

BLUETTI AC50s can easily run a full-size refrigerator for 1.5 hours. A full-size refrigerator uses between 100 watts minimum and 250 Watt at maximum when the weather is extremely hot.

BLUETTI AC50s power station includes a 500Wh of Lithium-ion battery and an inverter of 600W that can power up the refrigerator the whole day using compatible solar panels. Check the comparison table above for more information.

Which is better BLUETTI VS Jackery?

BLUETTI is a clear winner with LiFePO4 batteries in almost all of their solar generators. More of their power stations do provide remote connectivity with Android and IOS applications.

Jackery uses Lithium-ion batteries and none of its power stations support mobile connectivity.

Jackery’s FAQs

How to contact Jackery?

Jackery has a customer-friendly customer team in place that may answer all your queries. You can contact them using the customer service contact number 1-888-502-2236 to talk with their customer service agent.

If you are not unable to reach them by telephone, you can write them a message using email at Describe your query in detail to get all the answers.

You can also visit their office or write them a message from their official website Contact Us page.

How to make a Jackery warranty claim & get a refund?

Call their customer service return agent at +888 502 2236 for queries related to returning a product. The Jackery return policy stipulates a 24-month time period for all their power stations.

You can contact their customer service through an email stating the problem you are faced with in detail. The customer service team usually replies within one day during working hours and the amount will take 7 to 10 working days to reflect in your account.

How to extend Jackery’s warranty?

Fill out the registration form in order to get registered for a warranty extension and to make a warranty claim. None of the product is eligible unless it is registered with the company.

You can register all the Jackery products for warranty by giving details like Order ID, Serial Number, and Proof of Purchase.

How to download the Jackery user manual?

Download Jackery solar generator and power stations User Manual to make proper use of them without damaging the warranty claim. If the product is operated against the user manual, the warranty will be considered null and void.

How long does Jackery last?

All Jackery solar generators have a life span of 3 – 5 Years. These power stations have a Lithium-ion battery that lasts for 500+ cycles to 80 percent of the original capacity. 

The battery can be replaced by the authenticated Jackery customer service with a few additional charges of the battery cost and courier service.

Is Jackery a good brand?

What makes Jackery a good brand is its quality built, portability, and long-lasting life. Jackery has a wide happy customer base.

It has been reviewed and recommended by major media outlets such as Forbes, CNN, Tech Crunch, and many more.

Is Jackery worth it?

Jackery solar generators are completely worth the money spent. These power stations have solid-built, quality electrical components, BMS, Lithium-ion batteries, and MPPT controllers for the best performance.

Which Jackery to buy?

Buy Jackery e160 provides for small appliances such as mobile phones, cameras, drones, and laptops. If you are looking for the best generators for apartments that can power 96 percent of the heavy appliance, then Jackery e2000 Pro is the answer.

See the Comparison Chart and the Run Time Chart of appliances. The complete comparison and the run time of several small and heavy appliances will get you the measurements and let you know which Jackery will best fit all your needs.

Are Jackery solar panels waterproof?

Jackery solar panels are completely waterproof with IP65 ratings. However, the company recommends not to use that in rain and snow to avoid causing damage to the frame structure of the solar panels.

Water will not damage the Photovoltaic cells instead it will damage the fabric frame holding the solar panels.

Why is my Jackery not charging?

Check if the MC4 connector is properly connected with the solar panels. Always use the original Jackery accessories to avoid any potential risk to your solar generator. Do not open the device at home or give it for repair to local electrician.

If the device is not working properly even after connecting the MC4 connector, please call the customer service 1-888-502-2236 and report the problem.

Which Jackery can power a refrigerator?

Jackery e300 can easily power up a full size 250 Watts refrigerator for the whole day long with the renewable solar energy. E300 has a Lithium-ion battery of 293Wh that can power your refrigerator for 1.2 hours at night time.

Consider buying a best solar generator for refrigerator if you want extended backup at night time. See the chart above for to find out the run time of more appliances.

Will a Jackery e500 power a refrigerator?

Yes, Jackery e500 is a perfect combo to power a fridge of 250 Watts the whole day long with green solar power. At night time, e500 can give a complete 2 hours of backup to power a full size home refrigerator with its powerful 1000 Watts inverter (peak surge) and 518Wh of Lithium-ion battery.

Will Jackery e1000 Power a refrigerator?

Yes, Jackery E1000 can easily power a full-size home refrigerator of 250 Watts for the whole day. It can give a prolong backup of 3 – 4 Hours with its 1002Wh of Lithium-ion battery at night time. To find out the run time of more Jackery solar generators, please see the chart above.





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