Best Solar Generators For Air Conditioners

Best Solar Generators For Air Conditioners

Are you living in tropical areas? If yes, then most probably you are looking for a smart way to keep your home cool. Everyone likes to stay cool in hotter months. However, due to the fear of bank breaking, they do not buy any means. Pretty prices are nerve-wracking. But, let’s find out how to stay cool.

This article will answer the most asked question of users, can a portable solar-powered generator run an air conditioner and the vast details about the best solar generators for air conditioners? So, sit back and explore the exciting options of solar packs for air conditioning applications.

Can a Solar Generator Power run an Air Conditioning Unit? 

Yes, the portable solar-powered generator can run an air conditioner. However, it depends on some factors. If you want to power your air conditioners, you need to keep them in mind while buying. The solar pack must be attached to solar panels and should be portable which is easy to carry from one place to another.

The biggest advantage of this solar pack is it works on the intensity of sunlight. This point eliminates the consumption of oil and gas. All the power packs do not work on the sunlight intensity. But the air conditioners need the same power output to operate well. After checking the output power, check the size which is another important factor.  

Suitable Size of Solar Generator to Run an Air Conditioner

The wattage of the solar generator depends upon the model and size of the air conditioner. The size tells the capacity of the energy pack. It shows the energy of the pack to recharge the different electric appliances. The size ranges from watt hours to kilowatt hours. The AC requires a specific wattage to operate. You can find the wattage on Google or check in the owner’s manual or on the unit’s label.

The wattage needed to start an air conditioner varies based on the unit’s model and size. Typically higher power is needed during startup to overcome initial surge power and to sustain operation. Choose a power source like a solar generator that can meet or exceed the required wattage for optimal performance and functionality when starting your air conditioner.

Best Solar Generators for AC Units: EcoFlow DELTA Series 

There are many solar generators available in the market which can charge the ac units. But the most recommended one is the EcoFlow DELTA Series. This series offers four bundles with increased power to extend AC unit power and increase energy absorption capacity in panels. Here different models are listed below: 

EcoFlow DELTA Series ModelSolar Panel WattageBattery CapacityAC Run Time (1800W)Additional Features
EcoFlow DELTA Series 1300160W1260Wh0.6 hoursCompact and portable
EcoFlow DELTA Series Max220W2016Wh1 hourBifacial panel for 25% more energy
EcoFlow DELTA Series Max (Dual Battery)400W6000Wh3 hoursDual batteries for extended capacity
EcoFlow DELTA Series Pro400W3600Wh2 hoursExpandable up to 25kWh with add-ons

How Long Can A Solar Generator Run An Air Conditioner?

The runtime of a solar generator powering an air conditioner depends on a few factors such as the capacity of the generator, the air conditioner’s wattage requirements, and sunlight availability. A larger generator can provide a longer runtime. While higher-wattage air conditioners consume more energy. 

The amount of sunlight available for recharging also affects its runtime. To maximize runtime, consider energy-efficient models and energy-saving practices like proper insulation and temperature settings. Consult specifications and real-world conditions to estimate the expected runtime accurately.

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Money Saving by a Solar Generator to Run an AC Conditioner

It depends upon the usage ratio of the solar generator and the intensity of sunlight. In this way, the savings amount can vary. There is the biggest difference between the Wapda electricity cost and solar electricity cost. When you install solar panels system at your home, your electricity cost automatically decreases.

The solar packs work on the solar energy they get from sunlight which is free for everyone. you just need to keep your panel in the exact correct location where sunlight is sufficient. Living greener involves replacing on-grid or fossil fuel-powered electricity with solar energy, which will reduce energy bills and save money in the long term.


Q. Can I run an air conditioner on a solar generator?

Yes, you can run an air conditioner on a solar generator by keeping some factors in mind such as the intensity of light, the wattage of the AC unit, and the capacity of the air conditioner. 

Q. Is it possible to run AC on solar power?

Yes, it is possible. Running an air conditioner on a solar pack, whether connected to the grid or off-grid, which can significantly reduce electricity costs.

Q. Can solar panels generate air conditioning?

An A/C system can power but depends on the unit’s size and other factors, requiring the necessary number of panels.

Q. How much solar panel for 1.5 ton AC?

To run a 1.5-ton AC, you need ten 250-watt solar panels and a 2.5 kVA grid inverter with each panel generating 2500 watts of electricity.


This article covers an easy guide to the best solar generator for air conditioners. Buying solar packs for keeping yourself cool in hotter months, is a very smart way to reduce the cost of electricity. To select the suitable one, you need to remember the wattage of the AC unit, the capacities of your solar packs, and the installation place of solar panels having insufficient solar light. 

Solar generators fulfill the all needs of air conditioners if you choose them carefully.  These are reliable power solutions because they are cost-effective, versatile, and clean. We explain the vast detials about the best solar pack, and eco flow with different models if you do not find any suitable in the market.  Shop today and start saving!






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